Contests? Did someone say contests?

Yep, I did. You can come here anytime to see if I'm running or part of anyone else's contests. This way you'll never miss out on a potential goodie.  To be fair I'll point out that to the right are some of my recent releases. I'd love for you to check them out while you're here. Also you can find all my available books listed here. Check them out too if you have time.

Now onto the contests!

"Get a Royally Sexy Kindle!"

Prize: You guessed it, A brand new Amazon Kindle!  I will also be giving away Amazon gift certificates and free ebooks separately offered for parts of the contests. Details below.

How do you enter?
This contest will have several ways to enter. Some are one time entries and others will let you enter multiple times. Every entry will be counted for the Kindle drawing. So if you enter one of the smaller contest you will automatically get a bonus entry for the Kindle!

How do you win?

$10 Amazon Gift Card #1:
I'll draw a random name from my newsletter group on April 9, 2012 when Blood Royals 1: Of Blood and Blessings releases with Liquid Silver Books.  If you're not a member, sign up here:

$10 Amazon Gift Card #2:
Another random name drawn from my news group to be drawn on May 7, 2012 when Blood Royals 2: Blood Reign releases with Liquid Silver Books.

Want more prizes? More chances to win the Kindle? Stalk me at upcoming guest spots and special events.
3/18/12 – LRC chat from 6-7 PM
3/21/12 – Talking Two Lips group from 9-10 PM.

Not enough? Just have to get more prizes? Follow my updates on these social sites and be automatically entered for some upcoming contests.

Keep checking back here for extra chances to win as well as bonus entries for the Kindle.

A Brand-Spankin' New Amazon Kindle:
I'll draw a random name from all entries (including from the earlier contests) on June 4, 2012 when Blood Royals 3: Blood Justice releases with Liquid Silver Books.  Readers who participate in this and my other contests and events, may end up with multiple entries.