Steel City Vampires
Bound and Determined

Steel City Vampires: Bound and Determined
By L. Shannon
Genre: paranormal romance
Length: short story
Released: November 16, 2009
Excessica Publishing
Cover Artist: L. Shannon

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Carrie Milton has idolized her parent’s best friend, Wash,
forever. More than that, she’s desired him since she
discovered desire. But Nathaniel Washington has kept
his distance waiting for her to outgrow her infatuation.
He’s been the silent partner in her family for three
generations and the age gap between them is far more
than the 20 years she believes. Carrie is leaving for college
and has one last chance to prove her love is real. When
she stops at his home to say good bye, she finds him asleep
and helpless. Oh what’s a girl to do? Maybe tie him to the
bed and play out her wildest fantasy? Oh yeah…that’s a start.



Carolyn “Carrie” Milton stared down at her helpless victim. Oh he looked so sweet and innocent asleep in his bed. He wasn’t either. She’d been catching his steamy looks all summer long. Not that he’d acted on his obvious interest. Of course not. No, not Wash. He was the perfect gentleman, the kindly family friend. Why was it then that he came to her every night in her dreams as some wild lover who could not be resisted?

Tonight he would pay for those tormenting dreams.

She leaned over his still body. Carefully, she bound first one wrist and then the other. Oh so slowly she tied the opposite ends of the long silk scarves to the thick posts at the head of the bed.

Drawing back the covers revealed a body carved like marble art. His sculpted planes aligned perfectly, not too lean, nor too intimidating. If only she could throw the cover back in one rush, but instead she continued her slow revelation of his… naked body.

She bit back a chuckle. Lucky for him that he slept nude. If he’d had any clothes on, the scissors on the bedside table would have gotten a workout.

Nothing would keep her from her games this night. Well… nothing short of him screaming rape. And even then, he’d better really mean it, or she might think he was being noble again.

Down to his bare feet, she slipped another scarf around his ankles, gently binding them together and then looping the end down over the footboard to tie it to a support beam underneath.

Was it enough?

Not yet. She adjusted the way his arms were bound, slowly stretching him while he slept on through the effort. Then the finale-thicker, darker silk went around his eyes.

She leaned in close, whispering in his ear, “Nathaniel Washington, it’s time to wake up.”

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