Tascryn Demons

First, you must understand that most Tascryn demons are not evil. They are everyday folks, just doing a job. Whether the deed is done with sin and seduction, terror and torment or death and devastation, it’s all in a day's work.

All of the tascryn demons work for Pahele. He is the source of all their power. He directs them to do as those greater than him design. Usually he gets his orders from the Norns, but occasionally his ability to get the job done is specially requested by other, higher powers.

Most of Pahele's orders, the ones that keep his minions busy, are called tascs. A tasc is the process of  transitioning a mortal soul from one life into the next.

The mortal soul is a beautiful thing. It carries a person through their often harsh reality, helping them to survive a world of sorrow and  maintain a positive outlook. The soul is the part that cries out at injustice and fights for what’s right. It also gives the mortal a will to live despite all they may suffer. When the time is near to their death, the soul must be prepared for the transition to prevent trauma and allow the soul to find the right path.

There are five levels of tascyn demons to achieve this. The first and least powerful are Aykrn, dream demons, who usually lack true form in the mortal realm. Dream Demons are similar to some descriptions of imps. They often look like children, when they are seen at all. They prepare willing souls for transition to the next life, sometimes offering precognitive dreams.

The second level are the Synn demons, incubus and succubus. They use desire to seduce souls into accepting fate. Synn demons can control their physical form to become what their tasc most desires.  In addition to their sexual skill, they release pheromones that completely relax the tasc in sexual satisfaction.

The third group is the Cyvampis blood demons, who drain the resistance from more stubborn souls. Blood Demons are somewhat vampire-like and sometimes less than pleasant.  Cyvampis live on blood and avoid sunlight.  If a mortal is drained and fed cyvampis blood, they will become a vampire. Cyvampis are strongly discouraged from creating vampires.  Since most vampires must be killed because of their violent natures, it is rarely done.

The forth are Daelyns, death demons who are responsible for the transition of non-mortals and other higher beings.   They also police the other levels and initiate transition (execute) any who dare to defy tascryn rules. There are thankfully only three Daelyns.

The fifth and final group is the Tascryn Royals who maintain order and rule over all the demon legions. They are masters of all magic that the other levels can direct as well as a few special talents of their own. Being of this royal group is both a blessing and a curse.  They are innately connected to every one of their lower legions and can support or feel the pain of each during every tasc. The wellbeing of these royal demons is reflected in the way the others flourish or suffer.

Meet the Tascryn demons...
(in order of age)

Tascryn Lords

Pahele - He has held the right hand throne in hell for known history and long before. His power is beyond known limits. His weakness is for the one soul he has been unable to claim.Of Blood and Blessings   Blood Reign

Sadaen - He once held the left hand throne.  After Sadrina's birth he was removed or fled under mysterious pretenses.  His current location is unknown.  Blood Reign  Blood Justice

Sadrina -  She is the daughter of Sadaen and has spent her life trying to understand why she was raised by others. Of Blood and Blessings  Blood Reign

Grant - He is the son of Sadrina and a mortal Egyptian man, Granis-Ra. Blood Quest Of Blood and Blessings  Eagle Clan 2: Destiny

Peh-Casaden (Graye) - Graye is the son of Pahele and Sadrina. His destiny is to unify hell and rule over all lesser gods or so he was told... The Blood Prince

Sacayla - She is the daughter of Pahele and Sadrina and about to  break every rule ever created and unleash chaos upon all known realms. She will risk the too early arrival of the end for what else but love?  Forbidden Blood My Demon Valentine

Demon legions

Aykrn (dream) demons
Phyr   (He's looked in the eyes of his
own death and has nothing left to fear. )

Synn (sex) demons
Nynalintus-nina, Blood Quest
Gychalius-gigi, Blood Quest
Tarvyn, Surviving Synn

Cyvampis (blood) demons
Bax~ Forbidden Blood, My Demon Valentine
Boryn~ Season of Blood
Gaybriel,  Blood Reign
Mychael,  Blood Reign

Daelyns (death) demons
Ariun, Forbidden Blood
Ivry, Forbidden Blood

Help me name the next demon!   Phyr is in! Pick another.                        
Axyl - He's loud and wild!
Ayrm - He's sweet and subtle
Kym - She's into everything!
Mrysa - She's cute and innocent even at her worst.
Phyr - He knows no fear...
Pymp - As if the purple hat wasn't enough?
Rysk - This bad girl will break their hearts, if they ever catch her.
Zephyr - He is without restraint.

Tascryn Demons come in five levels. Which one best fits you?
Aykrn (The Aykrn are fun loving and tend to be exuberant. In the mortal realm they tend to look like children. Their tascs are most often done through mortal dreams so that they rarely need to travel to the mortal realm in physical form, which is good because they find it very difficult to hold their child-like form and their more natural form isn’t nearly so cute.)
Synn (The Synn use sex and seduction to seduce mortals into accepting their coming fate. Although few would complain about such a sweet end. Synn can control many details of their appearance so as to become attractive to their assigned tascs, but in truth they are pretty gorgeous even in demon form because they take pride in beauty in any form.)
Cyvampis (The Cyvampis are more forceful and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. They feed on the blood of their tascs and drain away resistance. Mortals who are not killed can become addicted to the feeding of a Cyvampis. Mortals who are drained can become Vampire if they are fed Cyvampis blood. This is against Tascryn rules, but some demons live to rebel)
Daelyn (The Daelyn rarely see or interact with mortals. It’s their duty to control and discipline the lesser demons. They take the role very seriously and believe the rules are sacred and any that break them deserve whatever torment they choose to dish out.)
Royal (The Royals watch over all the demons and hold the balance of the realm. They are responsible for all and see themselves as parental figures to the others. They rule over and guide them with a firm understanding because they have lived among each level while advancing to the rank of Royal.)