Tascryn Demons

Tascryn (task-rin) Demons with the singular purpose of transitioning souls from one life to the next
Tascryn demons, those dedicated bad boys and girls responsible for transitioning souls from one life to the next are a complicated bunch. For the most part their entire existence revolves around their sense of duty and loyalty to their lord. But some days, just doing the job isn't enough. Some days, a demon has to break a few rules to feel alive.

Each and every demon has a story. Here are a few they chose to share.
Tascryn: Surviving Synn
May 2007 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - buy the ebook

Tarvyn was out of his element and he knew it. When the master asks a demon to see to a tasc, few but Tarvyn have the audacity to argue. Tarvyn is sent to the battlefield anyway.
Determined to see his duty done properly, he transitions the souls of the dying men, but is left too exhausted mentally and physically to take himself home to Niflheim. The battle-weary Captain Bailey, might be able to help if he’s willing. The one thing that recharges a Synn demon’s powers is sex and lots of it. But will Bailey be up to embracing Synn?

Love Romances and More: "The plot will hold the reader captive, with lots of twists and turns.  L. Shannon’s characters leap off the pages and come alive.  Both Tarvyn and Captain Bailey are wonderful characters who the reader will care for.  This reviewer loved this book and would highly recommend readers get to know the fabulous stories of L. Shannon."  FIVE HEARTS!  
Joyfully Reviewed: "Surviving Synn is a wonderful fantasy story about love.  Tarvyn is charming and funny and you can’t help but to like him from his very first words and Captain Bailey is endearing is his vulnerability.  Both characters will pull at your heart strings.  The eroticism between Tarvyn and Bailey is hot, and I wish that there had been more encounters between them.  Surviving Synn is a good fantasy read, great for a lazy day at the beach." Thanks Sabella!
Elisa Rolle: "This is a brief novel full of myth and imagination. Perfectly settled in an unusual time period, it mix well paranormal and history... But you will be not disappointed: it is really an enjoyble tale."
Para Normal Romance: ""Wow", this book was hot, and made me want more from this series. The buildup of these men first meeting then first "hot", well how would you put it? "Hot Man Loving" was just so steamy I had to stop and jump my husband, LOL."
Tascryn: Season of Blood
October 2006 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - buy the ebook

  A thousand years of imprisonment, Boryn was bound within the earth, with only his Cyvampis blood hunger for company. Now he is finally free and he is in search of satisfaction. Catrina lost her family long ago, before she could learn what it means to be a Valàfrn werewolf.

She now has a chance to join a clan and learn about them, about herself. But the primal urges brought on by her first season drive all logical thoughts from Catrina’s mind, leaving only burning desire. They may both find what they want. They may get even more than they expect...

Love Romances and More: "The plot is exciting, full of adventure and this reviewer also enjoyed the little bit of humor L Shannon puts into her stories. "  FIVE HEARTS!
My Book Cravings: "well written and fluidly paced." 4 flowers!
Mystique Books: "The sex is hot and intense. This couple really steams up the pages. "
Ecataromance: "a fascinating couple with their very different backgrounds, and their story was entertaining throughout the entire book." 4 STARS
Literary Nymphs: "Boryn and Catrina are bound by an instant blaze of attraction" 4 nymphs!
Fallen Angel Reviews:  "one scorching hot story that will have you on fire " 4 Angels!
Joyfully Reviewed: "Season of Blood was a great story about finding true love wherever you can, even if you never expected it and don’t even think you might deserve it...When they get together, the results are explosive."
Two Lips Reviews: "Together they make an unlikely pair except their chemistry is undeniable." 
Misplaced Fate
2005 - lulu.com - excerpt - buy the ebook - or print 

Once their love fit perfectly into their unusual lives, but sometimes love takes a left turn and leaves partners at odds. When Killian choses to turn vampire he becomes marked for his sins. And it is his Angel who is responsible for stopping him.

Romance Junkies: "It is nothing like you imagine it to be, the ending is powerful and definitely  worth reading."  Thanks Red!  4 blue ribbons!

Love Romances & More:  "Although this story is quite short, L. Shannon draws her reader into a dark world of vampires and demons, passion and sex, lust and love.  She writes multi-dimensional characters that leap off the pages.  Killian is the perfect tortured hero who must now face the consequences for the mistake he made.  He is a vampire of the darker sort who craves to kill and gives in to his blood lust.  Angel is a strong character who knows that fate must have her way, no matter what the outcome.  Her heart bleeds for Killian and the reader learns a lot about her from her introspection.  The reader will certainly be hanging on the edge of her seat wondering how these two lovers will sort themselves out.  This is a dark, gritty tale with a twist at the end that will give the reader a surprise and a shiver."  4 Hearts!  Thanks Angie!

Tascryn Royals 1: Of Blood and Blessings
June 2006 - Changeling Press - excerpt - out of print

What is it about Amelia that drives Grant wild? As a Synn demon from royal blood, he should be able to control his desires. Yet, resisting her isn’t an option. He craves her blood, her body and something more. Grant deals with former friends turned assassins and the sudden disappearance of his demonic mother, while trying to protect Amelia from the harsh realities of her life as well as his own dangerous desires.

Will his power and wealth be enough to keep her safe? Can Amelia accept him for the demon he truly is?

http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/  "I found myself deeply interested in L. Shannon’s world.  This is a world that is so built up with character, that every page brings with it a new myth, a new discovery.  Grant and Amelia are an interesting couple and both know exactly what they want.  I can’t wait to read more stories involving the characters, and I am eagerly waiting to find out about the fates of several of the secondary characters.  I highly recommend Of Blood and Blessings." Thanks Shannon! (different Shannon- honest)

Tascryn Royals 2: Blood Reign
January 2007 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - out of print  

All Pahele wants is to have his queen at his side while he happily rules over hell and protects the souls of mortals and immortals alike. The problem is that his queen, Sadrina, is more than a little pissed that he let another woman imprison her for a few thousand years. Now that she’s come back to him, he has no intention of letting her go, but this time he will convince her heart and fight the very devil to keep her.

Joyfully Reviewed: "an exciting mythical story filled with adventure, sorrow, treachery, lost love and hope.  This dark and erotic tale will satisfy your burning, lustful desire all while taking you on a fascinating journey that will have you entangled in knots." 
Love Romances and More: "The wonderful thing about reading a book from L Shannon is that the reader knows that she is going to get a thrilling story, a hot romance and meet some exciting characters.  In this story, Sadrina comes to Pahele on behalf of Grant, who was the hero in L Shannon’s BLOOD AND BLESSINGS.  This reviewer had wondered what had happened to Grant’s mother and was thrilled to read this story.  Pahele made a big mistake imprisoning Sadrina, and now the reader can feel his remorse and most of all his love.  Great characters grace this story, a dark plot haunts the pages, and a sweet, sensual romance invades the story.  A very satisfying read.  This reviewer hopes that L Shannon will give us some more stories of the Tascryn." FIVE HEARTS!!
The Romance Studio: "L. Shannon’s Blood Reign is a captivating story from start to finish. To say that this cast of characters is interesting is to vastly understate how amazing they really were... Their love making is ardent, tender and soul-shattering." 

Blood Reign is a sequel to OF BLOOD AND BLESSINGS
Anom'tan 1:Walking with Synn
July 20, 2007 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - buy the ebook

Sometimes mortal souls must be guided when the sun is high. A special class of demons called Anom'tan, Soul Walkers are paired to offer the strength walking under the sun requires. When Sayvor and his brother are attacked, both their lives will depend on his ability to remember the ones who stole his brother. But without his brother, Sayvor’s strength is failing and his only hope is within the arms of willing lover to help him recover the memories his team needs to save them both. Dr. Sasha Washington never expected therapy to be this much pleasure.

Love Romances and More: "a fantastic, exciting tale that sizzles"  FIVE HEARTS!
RRTE: "Hot and steamy don’t even begin to describe this book, adding to the incredible sex scenes is the mystery of Flayvor’s kidnapping and characters who are highly unusual making this an unbeatable read. Don’t miss WALKING WITH SYNN. The next story in the series, WALKING IN MEMORIES, looks to be just as intriguing." Multiple O's!
Coffee Time Romance: "This was just a small taste of the demons that L. Shannon has brought to life and it is simply amazing. It is cuts right to the chase, no shortcuts allowed. I would be willing to say that the rest of this series is just as fascinating. I cannot wait to get my hands on the others." 4 cups!
JERR: "I can’t wait to read the next installment as I’m certain Flayvor will need lots of sexual healing too, once he is found. Yummy!" 4 stars.  Thanks Karen!
The Romance Studio: "With so many paranormal books available for us today, this author has taken the genre and given it a new and exciting twist. The needs of the demons and well as the different type of demons introduced to us are different from anything I’ve read before. The author doesn’t slack on the sexual tension, and certainly gives us thrilling sexual encounters and makes this reader want to find the next book in the series."  4 hearts!

Read an excerpt or buy Walking with Synn at Cobblestone Press
Anom'tan 2: Walking in Memories
September 21, 2007 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - buy the ebook

Rayce and Chayse will stop at nothing to release the memories locked inside Clarice's damaged mind. She finds endless pleasure at their tender mercy.  The twin blood demons track down a witness to the attack on their brethren. They can heal her and free her memories, but first they must remember she’s more than a sex toy for their joint entertainment.  Rayce and Chayse can heal her and free her memories, but from the moment they set eyes on beautiful, willing Clarice priorities change. Between them Clarice becomes an unresisting, irresistible sex toy with the ability to heal them both. Can Chayse overcome his past fears to unlock Clarice’s mind? Can they trust Rayce to keep everyone safe? Will they find love together? They intend to use her. Are they strong enough to love her?

Euro-Reviews: "The best erotic shower scene known to man has been unveiled in L. Shannon's latest novel, Walking in Memories. Good storyline and characterization is a plus as well in this new paranormal tale." 4 stars!
Love Romances and More: "This reviewer enjoyed this story very much.  The characters are really well written, and a word of caution.  There is a very hot, shower scene so before reading, be prepared.  Ms. Shannon has built a very unique world with some very interesting, deep characters.  Readers and lovers of the paranormal will certainly enjoy this series so far.  Ms. Shannon is a writer to watch.  Her stories at Cobblestone Press are a ‘must read’ and are on this reviewer’s auto-watch for list."  FIVE HEARTS! 
The Romance Studio: "This is the second installment of the Anom’Tan series and it moves very quickly as Chayse and Rayce are desperately trying to find their brother. Their attraction to Clarice is immediate and endearing as they contemplate a future with her." 4 hearts!

Read an excerpt or buy Walking in Memories at Cobblestone Press
Anom'tan 3: Walking at Sundown
February 22, 2008 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - buy the ebook

Synn demons, Spyce and Mayce are completely devoted to each other, but with both being dominant and the risk of accidentally killing other lovers, their love life could use a little something extra. When they catch the vampire who can lead them to their lost comrade, they find just that missing spark. Dante has been lost in a world of equals. A master vampire turned and enslaved Dante, teaching him the pleasure found as a submissive. In Mayce and Spyce, Dante sees an opportunity and seizes it with both fangs, demanding they give him one day of pleasure in exchange for his help. But what he finds in their arms is more than he ever expected. More pleasure, more love and more hope.

Love Romances and More:"This reviewer must say, L Shannon’s work just gets better and better.  In this hot little story, she’s combined paranormal elements with some really hot sex, including BDSM and men on men.  But, this is in no way pornographic, but two people who realize that adding a third will be the best thing for them and they are concerned with his happiness, his care and his well-being.  This is a very emotional story and the reader will surely feel for Dante.  This reviewer enjoyed it very much and prefers a darker tale that deals with the very psyche of the characters.  Fans of the paranormal that like graphic sex with their story will love this one.  And if you haven’t, get the whole series, it rocks!" FIVE HEARTS

RRTErotic: "Rumor has it Dante, a vampire, has the knowledge they need. It turns out he has something else they need, or rather, he is someone they need, the submissive who will complete their relationship. But when they find Dante, he’s attempting to end his life. Can Mayce and Spyce convince the troubled vampire that there’s something worth living for? Don’t miss this sexy story of two dominants who’ve found the missing piece in their lives, the submissive they’ll treasure forever."

Anom'tan 4: Walking Death's Edge
May 30, 2008 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - buy the ebook

Bryck is frustrated and on the verge of being very bad when he meets the last lead to rescuing Flayvor - meeting her in person and is given an exciting and volitile surprise. Maya, too, finds herself pushed beyond her endurance. She is a mystery to all including herself and has been running from her past for far too long. Bryck and Maya have much in common and are at first appearences completely at odds, but together they might just pull off a miracle.