Anom'tan 1
Walking with Synn

Anom'tan 1: Walking with Synn
By L. Shannon
Erotic m/f Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60088-154-1
Released July 20, 2007
Cobblestone Press
Cover Artist: Croco Designs
Editor: Melissa Darnell

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MobiPocket, Microsoft Reader
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Sometimes mortal souls must be guided when the sun is high.
A special class of demons called Anom'tan, Soul Walkers are
paired to offer the strength walking under the sun requires.
When Sayvor and his brother are attacked, both their lives
will depend on his ability to remember the ones who stole his brother. But without his brother, Sayvor’s strength is failing and his only hope is within the arms of willing lover to help him recover the memories his team needs to save them both. Dr. Sasha Washington never expected therapy to be this much pleasure.

When Sayvor and his brother are attacked, both their lives will depend on his ability to remember the ones who stole his brother. But without his brother, Sayvor’s strength is failing and his only hope is within the arms of willing lover to help him recover the memories his team needs to save them both. Dr. Sasha Washington never expected therapy to be this much pleasure.


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RRTE: "Hot and steamy don’t even begin to describe this book, adding to the incredible sex scenes is the mystery of Flayvor’s kidnapping and characters who are highly unusual making this an unbeatable read. Don’t miss WALKING WITH SYNN. The next story in the series, WALKING IN MEMORIES, looks to be just as intriguing." Multiple O's!

Coffee Time Romance: "This was just a small taste of the demons that L. Shannon has brought to life and it is simply amazing. It is cuts right to the chase, no shortcuts allowed. I would be willing to say that the rest of this series is just as fascinating. I cannot wait to get my hands on the others." 4 cups!
JERR: "I can’t wait to read the next installment as I’m certain Flayvor will need lots of sexual healing too, once he is found. Yummy!" 4 stars.  Thanks Karen!

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(*WARNING* Adult excerpt. Consider yourself warned.)

“Now what?” Sasha stared in horror as Spyce, and the man morphed into demons. Although they were in no way human, they were still beautiful. Their beauty, love, and lust rolled outward in irresistible waves.

Arousal slapped Sasha hard and crawled over her skin with surprising intensity. In a single breath, she went from being an in control professional to a heaving mass of feminine need. She cupped her breasts in wonder. Had they ever peaked this hard and fast before? Her hard nipples poked outward as if they might tear through the fabric of her bra and blouse.

She wasn’t virginal by any stretch of the imagination, but she had never felt arousal race through her body in such a desperate wave.

With a crash, Mayce pushed Spyce against the wall and savagely covered her mouth with his. His transformation from stillness to a man burning with wild energy brought him into sharp focus and defined him as a harshly erotic man. His wings lifted behind him, revealing his long, mostly nude body and framing how it jumped against Spyce.

With his pants still on, she knew they were not actually making love, but the sight of him hard against Spyce was sexy as hell. With a rip of cloth, Mayce savagely tore off the woman’s top. His mouth never left hers.

Sasha wanted that. What was it like to be devoured by such a dominant man? She reached out, stroking her hand up Spyce’s leg, which was wrapped around Mayce, and sliding up and down.

Mayce turned on her, grabbing Sasha and lifting her against the wall as he devoured her lips. His thick thighs rammed his hips between her pants-covered legs.

Oh God. He was huge and hard. She wanted that thick cock inside of her. Nothing else mattered.

All at once, she was back on the floor. Her liquid knees refused to support her. But it didn’t matter. Spyce was right behind her, pressed against her back, sliding long fingered hands down her body.

Mayce kissed and kissed her, licking and teasing her mouth, while Spyce’s hands roamed Sasha’s body, unfastening buttons and removing her clothes, until nothing but skin and air touched her flesh.

Warm breath blew at her neck...Spyce. Her lips brushed over the skin now laid bare. Mayce drew back, but only to tug Sasha’s hair free of its demure bun. Once her black hair tumbled in loose curls around her face, he buried his face in her hair.

Then Mayce and Spyce kissed above Sasha. Their passion rose another notch, taking her with them. She was between them, yet as their bodies writhed it was as if Mayce could fuck them both at once, fuck Spyce right through Sasha.

One moment she was crushed between the two demons, then the next she was facing the bed. The blankets were gone and Sayvor lay exposed to her gaze. His molten eyes met hers, and she was lost in his amazing body, which was stretched out before her in long, lean, naked lines. Damn, he was pretty.

“Sayvor... is that more than a name?” She whispered. “I do plan to savor you tonight.” She shivered as the wicked image crawled through her mind. It wasn’t her own, but instilled a need deep within her.

One of Sayvor’s hands was tucked under his head as a makeshift pillow, and the other stroked his thick erection. Sick or not, he was as turned on as she was.

The sight of his hand slowly riding up and down his cock drew her closer. She eased one knee up on the bed beside him, enjoying the moment when her focus was on him but her body was still touching and being touched by the other two demons. Then they broke apart from her, their bodies swaying together, while each one brushed a hand over Sasha’s flesh.

Mayce’s hand cupped her rear, urging her forward, while Spyce’s lips ran down her shoulder. Neither of the demons touched Sayvor.

He was hers, and hers alone.

She ran her fingertips up his long calves, stroking over his thighs and enjoying the moment when his cock twitched for the first time because of her touch.

He looked so damn delicious, as if he’d been waiting just for her. She knelt between his thighs, finally sliding her hands up to stroke his engorged cock.

Sayvor wasn’t so much sick as he was in need. He needed her, and she knew what he had to have.
The moment her lips came around him, pleasure washed over her. Was it his? Hers? Or did all that sensation belong to the two lovers kneeling beside her?

She dipped forward, devouring Sayvor one thick inch at a time, and felt Mayce move behind her. She didn’t know where Spyce had gone, but Mayce cupped her breasts with both palms and pressed closer against her back. His naked erection slid through the furrow of her cheeks, then withdrew to rub between her wet folds.

Sayvor arched underneath her, as if begging for the focus of her attention to return to his body. She couldn’t blame him. With her lips wrapped around him, she should remember what she was doing. She drew back enough to lick him, and gently nibbled her way down his length. Then she slid her hands up his silken cock to take over where her mouth had abandoned and let her lips, teeth, and tongue dance over his tightly drawn balls, nipping at his skin and licking them all over.

Sayvor’s fingers sank into her hair and encouraged her to take his cock in her mouth once more. So he liked her to suck? She could suck. She drew him deep into her throat, sucking him down as far as she could, and at the moment she could take no more...that was the exact heartbeat when Mayce thrust deep into her pussy.

His cock drove her over Sayvor so deeply that she gagged until she found a rhythm that worked for them all. Each thrust of Mayce’s cock was countered by Sayvor’s motion underneath her.

Mayce gripped her hips, while Sayvor controlled her head. Together, they took all her choices away—and yet, in that moment, she knew this was what she wanted. Both of them.


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