Anom'tan 3
Walking at Sundown

Anom'tan 3: Walking at Sundown
By L. Shannon
Erotic m/f/m (& m/m/f) Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60088-228-9
Released February 22, 2008
Cobblestone Press
Cover Artist: Croco Designs
Editor: Tracy Seybold

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MobiPocket, Microsoft Reader
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Synn demons, Spyce and Mayce are completely devoted to
each other, but with both being dominant and the risk of
accidentally killing other lovers, their love life could use a
little something extra. When they catch the vampire who
can lead them to their lost comrade, they find just that missing
spark. Dante has been lost in a world of equals. A master
vampire turned and enslaved Dante, teaching him the pleasure found as a submissive. In Mayce and Spyce, Dante sees an opportunity and seizes it with both fangs, demanding they give him one day of pleasure in exchange for his help. But what he finds in their arms is more than he ever expected. More pleasure, more love and more hope.


Love Romances and More:"This reviewer must say, L Shannon’s work just gets better and better.  In this hot little story, she’s combined paranormal elements with some really hot sex, including BDSM and men on men.  But, this is in no way pornographic, but two people who realize that adding a third will be the best thing for them and they are concerned with his happiness, his care and his well-being.  This is a very emotional story and the reader will surely feel for Dante.  This reviewer enjoyed it very much and prefers a darker tale that deals with the very psyche of the characters.  Fans of the paranormal that like graphic sex with their story will love this one.  And if you haven’t, get the whole series, it rocks!" FIVE HEARTS

RRTErotic: "Rumor has it Dante, a vampire, has the knowledge they need. It turns out he has something else they need, or rather, he is someone they need, the submissive who will complete their relationship. But when they find Dante, he’s attempting to end his life. Can Mayce and Spyce convince the troubled vampire that there’s something worth living for? Don’t miss this sexy story of two dominants who’ve found the missing piece in their lives, the submissive they’ll treasure forever."

(*WARNING* Adult excerpt. Consider yourself warned.)

Mayce waited until the vampire began across the room, before grabbing Spyce and dragging her into a hard kiss. They came together with a crash and sparred for dominance that neither would truly gain. The battle was one Mayce lived for. Passion flared and he was rock hard and aching for her in seconds.

Never one to deny himself pleasure, he shoved her back until she hit the low wall around the pool area. “Lose the clothes.”

“Make me.”

He growled and let his magic burst outward, dissolving both his and her clothing. He hooked his arm under one thigh, opening her, but instead of a fast fuck like he’d originally imagined, he exposed his mind to her and they became one in thought and action. She reached between them, stroking his throbbing erection, rubbing the head over her wet entrance. Slowly, ever so slowly, he pushed in, reveling in her passionate response when she arched backward, trusting him to support her upper body.

Then she was all liquid movement, writhing against him, working herself over his thick length. Her inner muscles tightened, as she rocked her hips upward and locked her thighs around him. Her orgasm hit fast and left him gasping to join her. He cradled her tight against his chest and rolled his hips, drawing out and slamming back into her body. The trembling remains of her climax rushed him toward his own peak.

Growling, he burrowed his face into her hair and nipped at her ear and the soft place beneath it. Her face turned upward and he captured her lips. She tasted of deadly temptation, of the darkest spices known to any realm. No, not of spice, even if she was named such. She tasted of soul—his soul. She was everything to him. Without her he would die a slow fading death. She was life and passion. Spyce was his world.

And you are a poet. Now quit waxing eloquent and fuck me already.

I love you, Spyce. He so much more than loved her. He breathed her. But instead of pointing that out, he complied and fucked her, deepening his strokes so that he was withdrawing almost to the tip before driving back into her. Pleasure built, setting his blood on fire. The deep ache grew too, throbbing, demanding, until the moment came and his panting breath choked him.

“Yes!” Spyce screamed and they came together.

They took a few moments to regain a firmer footing on the earth as well as to reform clothing. Then they turned their focus on the vampire who had just watched them fuck without saying a word.

Spyce caught Mayce’s hand as they crossed the room. He was awfully quiet and look at his face. It is as if he has never seen sex before, but running a sex club and having toys such as he does, he must have a great deal of experience.

Perhaps he did not expect to see love between us. That might have been a surprise. Mayce saw exactly what Spyce had mentioned. Dante’s face was carefully blank, but his eyes held a longing that spoke more than any lips could. This vampire had needs that had never been met or at least had gone neglected far too long.

Pain slivered through Mayce’s memories. He’d once been that alone. Even tascing mortals with sex and finding orgasm time after time would never fill the void left raw and aching for love and acceptance. In that moment, he wanted to offer some of that gift to the vampire. Perhaps we can fulfill some of his needs.

Don’t forget, love, we are about to question him. Such interrogation could dance at the edge of pain.

Ah, but our Dante likes that. Mayce released his mate’s hand and faced Dante. “Did you enjoy watching?”


Mayce caught Dante’s jaw in a hard grip. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, master.” The emotion flared and then faded, leaving the vampire’s blue eyes cold and dead.

“Very good.” Mayce released him and stepped back to examine the sexual tools hanging on the wall beside the post. First he would push Dante past the living death where he now existed and then they would bring him back to life, rebirthed through pain and pleasure.


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