Anom'tan 4
Walking Death's Edge

Anom'tan 4: Walking Death's Edge
By L. Shannon
Erotic m/f  (& m/m & m/m/f & m/f/m) Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60088-261-6
Released May 30, 2008
Cobblestone Press
Cover Artist: Croco Designs
Editor: Devin Govaere

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MobiPocket, Microsoft Reader
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Bryck is frustrated and on the verge of being very
bad when he meets the last lead to rescuing Flayvor -
meeting her in person and is given an exciting and
volitile surprise. Maya, too, finds herself pushed
beyond her endurance. She is a mystery to all
including herself and has been running from her past for far too long. Bryck and Maya have much in common and are at first appearences completely at odds, but together they might just pull off a miracle.


"An urban adventure with plenty of action, as well as more than a few deliciously hot bouts of sex, this may not be a standalone read (the first three books of the series found at Cobblestone Press are must reads for proper understanding of the plotline) but it is a fantastic one. I highly advise purchasing WALKING DEATH’S EDGE, and the other Anom’tan books if you don’t have them yet, at your earliest opportunity."
Thanks Lori Ann - RRTErotic

"I have a feeling this may be the last book in this series. I hope not because these books have been a wonderful read. In this story L Shannon gives Bryck his perfect mate. This story is dark, gritty, cleverly plotted and fast moving. As I was reading, I was thinking, this is just as good as JR Ward’s vampire series. I was caught up with the characters, the adventure and the sex scenes too. The sex is hot, with lots of different kinds, m/m, menagé, voyeurism, but it’s all very tastefully done and is a pivotal part of the plot. L Shannon has written a well-rounded story that I can only highly recommend. This is an author that consistently writes excellent, high caliber stories and I always look forward to her next one. "
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“Hello, Dante.”

Bryck didn’t jump in surprise, because damn it, Daelyn don’t scare. And in his case, half Daelyn don’t scare much. Not that the woman standing in the entrance wasn’t odd. She was. She was perfectly odd. Her silver hair streamed around her, framing her light brown skin. The hair blended in, matching her white gown, some flowing muslin thing that looked almost as fragile as the girl herself.

From her bare feet to her silver hair, the girl was frail and ghostly. And obviously blind.

Dante glided forward and caught the girl’s hand. “Maya, I’ve someone I want you to meet.”

Bryck watched as she pulled her hand back. Good. She didn’t seek out the vampire’s touch. At least she didn’t seek out his touch now. Had she ever? He bit back the growl that clawed at his throat.

He had no right to even consider possessing such a fragile girl. He pushed aside the insane impulse and stomped up beside the vampire. “So this is the girl?”

Her face turned his way and he could almost see her hackles rise. Her nose flared out just once before she adjusted the angle of her face to look directly at him even though her eyes remained closed. “I’m Maya. Who are you, demon?”

Demon? How could she know? “You must see a hell of a lot better than it appears.”

She shrugged. “I usually see what I need to. Who are you and what do you want?”

“What I want is my demon back. I’m told you can assist me, but now that we’ve met I begin to wonder how.”

“But we have not yet met. Meeting requires a greeting. If it is as you say and you require my assistance, I would think you’d be somewhat more accommodating to my desire to have your name. As it is, I am beginning to consider you no better than the last demon I faced and that encounter ended with a demon dying. I ask again, for the last time. Might I know the name of this demon, who I face, who I do not know, who has come to ask for my aid?”

“Maya?” a human male asked quietly from the open door. “Have I come at a bad time?”

“Ricky.” The relief and pleasure in her voice twisted inside Bryck’s gut. She turned her back on him to make her way toward the human, moving slowly and with great care.

She wanted this human, when her only reaction to him was one of outrage. And why did that knowledge bring his already rising anger to a boil? Why did it make him want to rip the human into small bite sized pieces?

“Thank the gods you came. I was afraid that you would skip this week when I found the place had been attacked.”

“I know how much you need …my product.”

Her hand closed around the human’s elbow and she leaned in close enough for her small body to brush against his side.

Bryck’s vision darkened. “Fuck this! We don’t have time for your dealer to make a delivery.” He grabbed her shoulder, spinning her back around to face him. The skin-to-skin contact sizzled through his veins, setting his body on fire. His iron control over his powers melted, evaporated, leaving his darkness surging outward without restraint.

Her eyes opened with a flash of pure white light. Her energy met his with an explosion of power, throwing them both into the unknown. For a heartbeat the world roared. The lights and windows shattered. Tables and people were shoved away by the outward force. Lightning streaked from the night sky, pounding the street outside the club.

Then just as suddenly as the world had gone to hell, it all settled into a deep well of silence.

“Well, shit.” He dropped his hand away from her.

“You can say that again.” The white light of her eyes faded, revealing soft brown irises. She blinked up at him as if seeing him for the first time and considering the fact that she had appeared blind, it probably was for the first time.

“Don’t leave. I have to take care of my unit.” Regret bit him deep. His people were tossed raggedly like broken dolls. He lifted Spyce from the rubble first. She was unconscious but seemed unhurt otherwise. He’d seen this reaction before and knew they would wake up within an hour or so, once his magic wore off. But until then, they’d be helpless and needed someone here while he tracked Flayvor.

“Will they be okay?”

“Yes.” He flipped out his cell and called the compound. When Dyce answered, he explained what happened and that the unit was needed at Club Sundown immediately. Once he’d hung up, Bryck moved to Mayce and the vampire, moving them both to the clear spot beside Spyce.

Maya knelt beside the female demon, gently stroking her spiky red hair. “Have you ever had that happen before?”

“Yes, but never that powerfully, which brings up a question. What are you?” He turned on the suddenly silent Maya. “You know I’m a demon. I have hidden nothing from you. I expect equal honesty.”

“I have told you no lies. I have no reason to attempt deception.” She moved back to where her dealer lay in a broken heap. Although she seemed unaffected by the man’s serious injuries, she lifted a piece of broken jar from the bloody spill beside him. “I needed this very badly when I came through the club’s door. Here it is broken and wasted, and yet my body is whole and strong. I can’t explain it.”


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