Eagle Clan 2: Destiny
by L. Shannon

Rath and Dàn travel to Niagara Falls searching for the truth about Dàn’s father. They find a playboy, sex demon, with all the answers but he expects them to jump through hoops to get them. Before they get the chance, Dàn is attacked by a secretive enemy and Rath is falling in love with a woman who needs him to protect her child from a terrorizing pedophile. There is still a chance it will work out, with the “help” of a troublesome Gypsy girl, a rogue werewolf and a would-be werewolf hunter…

Coming December 8, 2006 with Cobblestone Press

Cutting room floor ... Excerpt

Ella stood in the doorway, looking at the four young men in the living room. Each was very different and she had come to love them dearly. Though she continued to think of them as young they were hardly that. They youngest two, a set of twins named Romach and Molach had just celebrated their four hundred and ninth birthday. Right now they were acting more like nineteen. The four had set up a card table in the middle of the room, were playing poker and watching the ball game.

Three of them hooted and complained about their favorite team losing. The fourth watched and occasional laughed at their antics but showed little interest in the sport. That might be why he had the largest by far pile of winnings. She snorted at that, no doubt he knew what cards the others were holding. And which team would win the game. There wasn’t much Dàn didn’t know.

Without Ella mentioning that the roof had begun to leak, Dàn had gathered the others and brought them by to fix it. He just knew things. More importantly, he acted on them. Of course now they were eating all her food and raising the house with their boisterous play but she loved every minute of it.

Dàn could see more than just little things. Two years before, Dàn had just known the winning lottery numbers on the Super Six. The thirty million dollars he had won had eased his clans financial problems. There were now sixteen members of their teaghlach, which to them meant home, family, and everything important. After being secluded for three centuries, Dàn had seen that they would need money to survive in the modern world.

So he had supplied it.

For a brief time, Rath, Dàn’s closest friend, had argued about the ethics of using psychics to win the lotto. He stopped complaining about the money when Dàn had bought him a smoke gray Mercedes as reward for passing his drivers exam.

Ella, who many called Granny, had offered to help Dàn find out more about himself. As much as he ‘knew’ about everything else, certain important details about him were hidden from his eyes.

He was a frighteningly unusual even among people who were to say the least, not normal. Dàn’s mother was thought to be Valafrn but his father was something else, something more. Also completely unknown. Ella had searched through the records that had been passed down from thousands of years. There were few references to who Dàn’s father may have been. The private journals had held slightly more, if less reliable, information. There were a few entries that hinted at the suspicion that his father was one of the gods. And others possibilities that were far more terrifying.

Dàn desperately needed to find out who and what he was. Once he had said that he was running out of time, but never explained what he meant.

Ella was pulled from her contemplation by one of the twins groaning and falling to the floor after losing the hand to Rath. Romach was always dramatic. His twin and Rath laughed at his antics. Dàn looked up and met her eyes...

December 8, 2006 with Cobblestone Press