Origins: Vali's Curse
November 10, 2006 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - buy it here
ISBN: 978-1-60088-069-8

Can he love her with both of his hearts? Can she accept the only life he is able to offer her?

The moment Vali ran naked from the woods, Deltinica was captivated by his wild nature, but he was so much more than she ever expected. He was filled with honor, strength and courage and he was a man cursed for a crime that wasn’t his own.  And she was a woman in love. She wasn't about to let his wolfish nature make him a stray forever.

Love Romances and More: "L Shannon has written a powerful story, full of emotion and feeling that thrilled this reader to the bottom of her toes.  Vali is a tortured hero and L Shannon has written this character so that the reader cannot help but fall in love with him.  Deltinica is a strong woman, a mult-dimensional character that L Shannon has filled with emotions.  The plot is engaging, well paced and will keep the reader turning the cyber pages.  The love scenes are sensuous, romantic and hot!  The reader will be drawn into the romance between these two lovers.  The reader will be surprised at the ending of this story, and will, along with this reviewer, hope that L Shannon has another book ready about these fascinating characters. "   5 HEARTS!
Two Lips Reviews: "Vali’s Curse is a bittersweet and emotion-filled story that will leave you thinking about it long after it’s over."  4.5 LIPS!
RRTErotic:  "L. Shannon's spin is crafted with care, the descriptions are vivid and the narrative flows well.  I am putting it on my keeper shelf."
Fallen Angel Reviews: "Ms. Shannon has once again woven a story that catches and holds the reader from the very beginning."  
Mystique Books:  "VALI'S CURSE is a lovely story of the healing properties of love."
Origins: A Spirit United
November 2, 2007 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - buy it here
ISBN: 978-1-60088-186-2

When Odin bargains with Vali to break the wolf curse, he commands Vali to send a champion in his stead and take Freya’s handmaiden as a guide. Vulf suffers through the full moon when his body becomes weak and human, until he’s selected as his father’s champion on a quest he doesn’t believe in. Morna is expected to guide the beastly man on a hopeless quest. She fears all they will face but is even more terrified of the feelings Vulf awakens. Their quest hangs by a thread. Temptation rules the dark of night. Their desire may burn them alive...

Love Romances and More: "Oh this is a fabulous story that took hold of this reviewer, drew her into an adventure, held her and didn’t let go until the last word was read.  Ms. Shannon writes characters the reader can care for, a plot that twists and turns and captivating love scenes that sizzle and pop.  In this story, Vulf is mostly more wolf than man and Morna is a creature of the Gods.  They are a most unlikely couple, but love prevails.  Secondary characters give the story depth and at times a little humor.  This reviewer really liked Morna’s winged horse, Swift.  Ms. Shannon gives her readers value for money and a story that will stay with the reader.  Her stories are definitely keeper-shelf material  Ms. Shannon has a number of shapeshifter stories that this reviewer urges every die-hard fan to pick up, sit back and enjoy."   Thank you Valerie!  FIVE HEARTS!

Origins: My Immortal
December 14, 2007 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - buy it here
ISBN: 978-1-60088-200-5

Logan is a man with a past, the kind of past which will  hunt him down and kill him for his past crimes.  So he runs.  His days run together and lose whatever meaning they might have once held. He goes from town to town and in each he pauses in a small tavern to drown his memories.

But this bar is different from the others. Sherry, the tavern's barmaid awakens memories that he doesn't yet understand. She is both a stranger and a long lost lover, a new friend and the missing part of his heart.

This Christmas Logan opens his heart to love and finds the truth about his past and what Sherry might mean for his future...

Download the My Immortal desktop --> here.

Literary Nymphs: "The climatic ending will leave you wanting more of this story..." 4 nymphs.