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Quote: "I have lost too much in this world to not recognize how important family is. Family is everything."
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"I have lost too much in this world to not know how important family is. Family is everything."

This month’s interview is with Athair, the star and hero of my new release, EAGLE CLAN: FATHER OF THE WOLF

What is your name and does it have any special meaning? ~ I was given another name at my birth, but all my adopted children called me Athair, which is Gaelic for “Father” for so long that it sort of became my name.  Now even my brothers call me Athair. Hope though, sometimes calls me by other names which I won’t repeat here.

What is your birth date or current age? ~ I was born in the year 1260. Father of the Wolf takes place in 1980 which means I was seven hundred and twenty when I meet Hope. 

Tell us a little about your family and where you grew up. ~ I grew up as one of many children in a flourishing Irish clan, but all that changed when the Human hunters cam and wiped out most of my family leaving only myself, my two brothers and eleven orphaned children. After that was when I truly had to become an adult and take on the responsibility of caring for the children.

What do you like to do for fun? ~ Watch over those I love. Many would think of that as a duty, but to me it is a joy that allows me to connect with them. Oh and strip poker. 

You have lived quite a while, can you tell us about any special women in your life? ~ There is only Hope.  She is the light of my heart.

What is your biggest pet peeve? ~ Valàfrn without honor.

What really turns you on? ~ The gentle touch of a lover. Such a thing takes more trust than can be found in most hearts.