DOB: 1920s
height: 6'
weight: 200 #s
eye clr: blue
hair clr: blond
Quote: "Never trust the man who holds the whip."
Current Location: Washington D.C. and about to cause some trouble...
MOTTO: Keep you head down and stay alive.

Here's an interview with Saxxon...

~What is your name and does it have any special meaning? ~ Saxxon and it doesn’t have any meaning that I know of. I don’t remember my last name if I ever had one. The people who caught me and my family changed my name to Samuel. Now that I remember the name my parents gave me, I’m tempted to do violence to anyone who calls me Samuel.

~What is your birth date or current age? ~ I don’t know for certain. Probably around 1920. So guess that makes me over eighty.

~Tell us a little about your family and where you grew up. ~ You don’t want to know. Just imagine an abused dog and you’ll be pretty damn close.

~What do you like to do for fun? ~ fun? Yeah right. You’ve got to be kidding. The SOBs stuff me full of drugs and mission parameters and shove me out the door. Then I kill for them and by the time I know what’s going on and have any control, I’m back in my cage. Sure, I’m still waiting to figure out what fun is.

~Tell us about any special people or events in your life? ~ The day I met Kelly. It was real special in both good and bad ways. Kelly was the good part.

~What is your biggest pet peeve? ~ Shock collars.

~What really turns you on? ~ Pleasure without the threat of pain. You’d be surprised what an aphrodisiac that can be.

And a bonus question...

~ What do you plan to do after you and Kelly work things out? ~ Try to save one brother and try to kill another.