Steel City Vampires
More than the usual dangers lurk the dark streets of Pittsburgh. Murder and mayhem is always a risk, but fear not. There are honorable undead-- vampires who have pledged their lives to protecting the citizens from creatures and villains who would desecrate their beloved city and its innocent inhabitants. They patrol the city, lurking in the shadows, saving our human necks... for themselves.
Steel City Vampires: Welcome Home
by L. Shannon & Moira Reid

Kalib Fontana had searched two hundred years for a peaceful home far away from his cursed past. As his realtor, Shasta Hemingway, welcomed him to the Fox Chapel estate resplendent with the lingering scent of dinner and her perfume, he allowed himself to imagine for one wonderful moment he'd found both. The moment shattered when David found him--David, the one curse that refused to be forgotten. As always, his dangerous past wanted him, and worse, this time it wanted vengeance.

"L. Shannon and Moira Reid introduce readers to the STEEL CITY VAMPIRES with this fascinating story which couldn’t have been titled more appropriately – WELCOME HOME. Kalib may be a vampire but there’s an innate gentleness that makes him absolutely loveable. Shasta’s a spunky character and I loved that she refuses to accept anything at face value. There’s a definite attraction between Kalib and Shasta which is evident from the very first page but even before David’s appearance threatens to destroy everything before they’ve even truly explored their feelings. I got a huge kick out of Shasta’s feisty dressing down of her uncle and Kalib and couldn’t wait to find out how the rest of the story would play out."
--Christine, 5 Blue Ribbons, Romance Junkies

Vampire Oracle: Love
by L. Shannon
August 1, 2008 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt available in ebook  

The Vampire Oracle Card: Love
Key Words: Finding peace, inner contentment
Meaning:  Love is divided into only two parts: loving one's self and loving others. True peace from war, both internal and external can only be achieved through love.

Dillon is determined to save his soul by killing vampires who prey on humans, but the current psychopath, Mistress Serena, is stronger and meaner than any others and has enslaved a man too sexy to resist.
Jason expected his mistress to kill him. He was ready to give that final blood drop, when he was suddenly given away to a huge, dark vampire with unknown intentions. Then again does it really matter which creature finally drains him?

Can Dillon defeat his enemy and save his lover, or will he succumb to his own darkest desires and become what he hunts?


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Vampire Oracle: Sunlight
by Moira Reid
September, 2008 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - buy ebook

The Vampire Oracle Card: Sunlight
Key Words:  Pain, sorrow, internal conflict
Meaning: This is a time of ruin of the old life. All that was known is now lost. Painful Memories and the future must collide to find resolution.

Johnathan loves his neighbor, Lenora, but he's a vampire who looks 23 and she's a human of 43. When he reveals his hunger for her, she tells him to find someone his own age. Johnathan smells and tastes her arousal and knows she wants him, and his life of hunting drug dealers is nothing compared to the life he imagines with her in his arms.

The evening Lenora receives a Sunlight tarot card in the mail, Johnathan listens to her read it aloud: “Painful memories and the future must collide and find resolution.” Johnathan's resolution: she will be his, forever.


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Steel City Vampires: One Wild Night
by Summer Alan
October 17, 2008 - excerpt - buy it here

Six months was too long to pine over a jerk like Richard. Ava would stop the madness tonight by meeting an eligible, sexy man at the party come hell or Halloween. She had the costume, the hair and the attitude. All she had to do was get there.

The forces of nature and Goodyear must not have liked this plan. In a desolate nowhere amidst a torrential rainstorm, her tire blew out. This night like so many others was a bust...or was it?

From the dark, wet distance, a six-foot tall solution wearing black leather and riding a kick-ass bike arrives. He can change a tire, and he doesn't mind the rain. He even likes her long as he can tear it off.

Steel City Vampires: Bound and Determined
by L. Shannon
Excessica Publishing - 11/16/09 - read an excerpt
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Carrie Milton has idolized her parent’s best friend, Wash, forever. More than that, she’s desired him since she discovered desire. But Nathaniel Washington has kept his distance waiting for her to outgrow her infatuation. He’s been the silent partner in her family for three generations and the age gap between them is far more than the 20 years she believes. Carrie is leaving for college and has one last chance to prove her love is real. When she stops at his home to say good bye, she finds him asleep and helpless. Oh what’s a girl to do? Maybe tie him to the bed and play out her wildest fantasy? Oh yeah…that’s a start.


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Steel City Vampires: Dangerous Company
by L. Shannon
TBA - excerpt - buy it here


Steel City Vampires: Blitzed
by L. Shannon & Moira Reid
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Status of the Steel City Vampires Series
Several more stories are in the works. No set schedule for release.