Steel City Vampires
The Vampire Oracle: Sunlight

Steel City Vampires: Sunlight
By Moira Reid
Genre: paranormal romance
Length: novella
Released: September 2008
Cobblestone Press
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The Vampire Oracle Card: Sunlight
Key Words:  Pain, sorrow, internal conflict
Meaning: This is a time of ruin of the old life. All that was known is now lost. Painful Memories and the future must collide to find resolution.

Johnathan loves his neighbor, Lenora, but he's a vampire who looks 23 and she's a human of 43. When he reveals his hunger for her, she tells him to find someone his own age. Johnathan smells and tastes her arousal and knows she wants him, and his life of hunting drug dealers is nothing compared to the life he imagines with her in his arms.

The evening Lenora receives a Sunlight tarot card in the mail, Johnathan listens to her read it aloud: “Painful memories and the future must collide and find resolution.” Johnathan's resolution: she will be his, forever.



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