Misplaced Fate
Dark, paranormal erotica.
~8500 words

Once their love fit perfectly into their unusual
lives, but sometimes love takes a left turn and
leaves partners at odds. When Killian choses
to turn vampire he becomes marked for his
sins. And it is his Angel who is responsible
for stopping him.

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Romance Junkies had this to say!
MISPLACED FATE is short but powerful in its
emotions. You find yourself feeling sorry for
Killian but his own greed cost him everything.
It is nothing like you imagine it to be, the ending is powerful and definitely worth
reading.  ~ Romance Junkies ~ reviewed by red.   4 blue ribbons!

unedited excerpt


Killian stood in the darkness, watching his Angel as she moved through her sensual nightly rituals. He should be at her side, sharing those wonderful, brief touches as it always is between lovers. His chest tightened and he swallowed down the pain. He no longer had the right to be close to Angel. He had bartered that right away on a foolish dream.

Would his eternity be like this, a never ending desire to have what was now and forever beyond his grasp?

Angel moved quietly through the house, into the bedroom. The sheer, cream-colored curtains fluttered across the hypnotic vision of her undressing. Her body shimmered in the dim light. Her beauty was as fitting as her name. Angel was everything of the light and goodness that the world could offer. She was perfection, the best of possible beings.

She pulled on a satin top, before going to the bed where he had often held her throughout so many long nights. So often had she filled his arms that even now with a world of sorrow between them, he could feel her body as it would press against him. His mind and body remembered her smooth skin and sexy curves. The memory of her dark curls brushing over his skin haunted his dreams. The phantom lips and hands from their years together tormented him.

Angel’s hand caressed the bedspread. Did she still think of him? Were her nights filled with unrelenting need like his own? Did she still feel love even after what he had become?

The night opened up, dropping a heavy rain onto him. His black silk shirt and worn leather pants grew soaked, but it wouldn't matter. The cold damp air was nothing to him anymore. His body was forever without heat, forever without life.

In the blink of the eye, in that dreaded moment of choice, he had thrown it all away. He hadn't known what it would mean. Or at least he hadn't wanted to know.

Jamis had been brutal in his recruiting, offering Killian everything a man could every wish for. From that first late night attack to the last time he had seen him, the vampire had seemed to know everything about him and Angel. The promise that had finally turned him to the darkness was the dream he could live forever with his Angel.

For when it came down to all that he and Angel had, that was the only discord between them. With her devoted service to her god, Angel would never age. Every day she remained the same, yet he grew older. Though they’d rarely discussed it, the difference was always there, always between them. By turning into the darkness and becoming vampire, he had thought they could be together.

But it wasn't to be.

His fate and hers as well, had been derailed by the deception that he had been foolish enough to believe. Jamis had showed him the perfect dream of he and Angel and immortality spent together.

Their love that had once seemed so strong had been torn asunder, leaving them standing on opposite sides of a very wide line.  She served the light and he fed from the dark and never the two shall mix, let alone marry and raise a horde of undead children. The painful truth burrowed through him. They would never be together again. "Oh, my lost Angel..."

Angel, with her perfectly formed ears and far from human hearing, shot bolt upright, turning Killian's direction with an accuracy that never ceased to surprise him. She froze for a moment more before jumping into action.

From their recent past, he knew she would be grabbing her crossbow and racing to face him. She always came after him. She had stated clearly that she would never rest until he was dead instead of undead. And Angel wasn’t one to make promises lightly.

She was coming for him, and may her god forgive him, this time, he might not run.

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