My Demon Valentine
Demons in suburbia, neither will be
the same ever again.

This short story is dedicated to my
nephews. May they someday learn
to curb their demon impulses

"Oh! Sorry to interrupt you..." Bax’s
apology changed to a growl, as he stared
at the demolition site before him. The
man on the floor under his wife gave him
a cocky wink and disappeared in a wisp
of smoke.

“Bax. It’s not what you think...” Sacayla’s
sincere plea broke into childish giggles.
Their two sons were also giggling, growling
and trying to free themselves from her
playful grasp. “Really, they just got
carried away.”

“What the hell happened?” The normally
calm living room was torn to shreds, with
stuffing and furniture laying in pieces all
over. All of it was destroyed. Even his
much loved computer lay to one side with
its inwards, now outwards. The dozen roses
clutched in his left hand sagged, as did his
hopes for a quiet romantic evening.

The two boys, who had ‘just got carried away,’ managed to get free and hovered behind their mother, looking as impish and unrepentant as could be.

“Uncle Grant came over to play!” Alyn said.  And things break when Grant comes over. His brother-in-law was the root of most destruction, but this time Grant was going to help fix what he broke.

“Papa’s home!” Kexlyn flew across the room, slamming into his chest. His bat-like wings beat the air, during his enthusiastic mauling, that was surely supposed to be a hug.

“Pa Pa, are you mad?” Alyn’s question was quiet and serious. He stayed a bit back, still unsure how just bad he’d been.

“No, your papa isn’t mad.” Sacayla answered their son when he would have disagreed. Yeah, he was mad, but anger was hard to hold on to, while his arms were full of a wiggling demon child. Kex was currently trying to slime him with what he called kisses, but more resembled the kiss of a cocker spaniel.

Bax set his son down only to have him flutter back up before him. He solved that problem by holding Kex down with one hand on his head, as he tried to catch Sacayla’s attention. “Sacayla?”

“Papa! What are those?” was all the warning he had before Kex and then Alyn both disappeared, reappearing next to the bags he had dropped at the door. “Are they bang-bangs? Are they? Can we have ‘em? You brought ‘em for us, right?”

“Bax? What did you bring home this time?” Sacayla’s voice was filled with warning, which brought out a chuckle from Bax. This was payback time... “Bax...”

“Yes, dear?” He reached out with his powers and pulled her to him while his arms slid around her slim waist. He leaned close enough to scrape a lengthening fang over her throat, then pulled back and handed her the semi-crushed roses. “Wait... Boys, take those grenades outside to play! You know your mother doesn’t allow that inside.” Then he returned to the welcome that waited for him in the arms of a wife, a sensible man would never have claimed.

Fortunately, he wasn’t sensible.

The door slammed shut as they kissed. Finally alone.

... BOOM... BOOM!!

The End
~ * ~