Tascryn Royals 1: Of Blood and Blessings
June 2006 - Changeling Press - excerpt - out of print

What is it about Amelia that drives Grant wild? As a Synn demon from royal blood, he should be able to control his desires. Yet, resisting her isn’t an option. He craves her blood, her body and something more. Grant deals with former friends turned assassins and the sudden disappearance of his demonic mother, while trying to protect Amelia from the harsh realities of her life as well as his own dangerous desires.

Will his power and wealth be enough to keep her safe? Can Amelia accept him for the demon he truly is?

http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/  "I found myself deeply interested in L. Shannon’s world.  This is a world that is so built up with character, that every page brings with it a new myth, a new discovery.  Grant and Amelia are an interesting couple and both know exactly what they want.  I can’t wait to read more stories involving the characters, and I am eagerly waiting to find out about the fates of several of the secondary characters.  I highly recommend Of Blood and Blessings." Thanks Shannon! (different Shannon- honest)

Tascryn Royals 2: Blood Reign
January 2007 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - out of print

All Pahele wants is to have his queen at his side while he happily rules over hell and protects the souls of mortals and immortals alike. The problem is that his queen, Sadrina, is more than a little pissed that he let another woman imprison her for a few thousand years. Now that she’s come back to him, he has no intention of letting her go, but this time he will convince her heart and fight the very devil to keep her.

Joyfully Reviewed: "an exciting mythical story filled with adventure, sorrow, treachery, lost love and hope.  This dark and erotic tale will satisfy your burning, lustful desire all while taking you on a fascinating journey that will have you entangled in knots." 
Love Romances and More: "The wonderful thing about reading a book from L Shannon is that the reader knows that she is going to get a thrilling story, a hot romance and meet some exciting characters.  In this story, Sadrina comes to Pahele on behalf of Grant, who was the hero in L Shannon’s BLOOD AND BLESSINGS.  This reviewer had wondered what had happened to Grant’s mother and was thrilled to read this story.  Pahele made a big mistake imprisoning Sadrina, and now the reader can feel his remorse and most of all his love.  Great characters grace this story, a dark plot haunts the pages, and a sweet, sensual romance invades the story.  A very satisfying read.  This reviewer hopes that L Shannon will give us some more stories of the Tascryn." FIVE HEARTS!!
The Romance Studio: "L. Shannon’s Blood Reign is a captivating story from start to finish. To say that this cast of characters is interesting is to vastly understate how amazing they really were... Their love making is ardent, tender and soul-shattering." 

Blood Reign is a sequel to OF BLOOD AND BLESSINGS