Valàfrn Werewolf Stories

Valàfrn build their lives around their clans and their creed is Strength, Honor, Courage.  For them, finding love is more than physical, it's magical...
Valàfrn: Forever Eden
August 2007 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - buy it here

Life on the planet Raxis was a calm haven, filled with peace and balance, until one day the fiery crash of an alien space ship destroyed Adam’s temple and threatened all that he held dear. Little did he know, the galactic wars had finally come to their territory.

Now he has days to adjust to changes he’s never even considered as well as convince a space-faring, warrior woman to accept him as mate.

My Book Craving: "Ms. Shannon has proved herself to be damn good.  Her writing has that magical touch that pulls you in with the first sentence... All I can say is Ms. Shannon you rock baby!!"  FIVE FLOWERS! 
Love Romances and More: "L Shannon has brought her werewolves to outer space and it’s a wonderful ride to accompany Adam on his quest to protect his one true mate..." FIVE HEARTS!
Mystic Books: "The chemistry between them (Adam and Evelyn) is hot, hot, hot! L. Shannon also fills the pages with memorable secondary characters. In particular, Adam’s brother Josiah and Evelyn’s chip CS offer light, humorous moments that help make this book shine. FOREVER EDEN is a small book that packs a lot of punch" 4.5 moons!
Two Lips Reviews: "Forever Eden is a thrilling, fast-paced sci-fi adventure by an author that I hope to be reading a lot more of in the future. Immediately, I was pulled into this roller coaster ride of a story which has a frenetic pace that never lets up."  4 kisses! Thanks Misa!
Joyfully Reviewed: "Forever Eden is a Science Fiction foray into the world of L. Shannon’s Valafrn werewolves.  The story was fascinating, enjoyable, and I really liked Evelyn’s “partner”."  

Valàfrn: The Emperor's New Fur Coat
2007 - - excerpt - buy it here

Chenzai will do anything to set her brothers free before the next full moon, but will offering her charms to the emperor be enough or will Shidibala betray her when she needs him most?

The Emperor's New Fur Coat is currently available free somewhere on my website. :) Take some time to look around and you might fet thsi fun little read for free.

Valàfrn: Lost Soul of the Wolf
June 2006 - Chippewa Publishing - excerpt - no longer available

Tryggvarin and Alice build a lasting friendship. He traveled to ease his time among the living. He searched for the meaning of life behind religion. He found a trusting young girl who became what he needed most, a friend. Tryggvarin is of the Eagle Clan of Valàfrn werewolves. He left his son with the clan and set out alone after his mate died. For two hundred years he wandered before finding Alice who helped him to understand that there was still a purpose for him. Alice faced the everyday world of nineteenth century England and overcomes the odds to share a friendship with a strange man that is not accepted by her family. Then she learns what he is...  "Tryggvarin is one of those characters that bring a melancholy longing to your heart. He's spellbinding. L. Shannon's writing of this character is nothing short of brilliant. "
Coffee Time Romance:   "L. Shannon has written a heart tugging tale of the power of friendship. Alice offers her unflinching faith in Tryggvarin, despite his true nature, while he offers her a soft place to fall when life turns hard. I was immediately drawn into the story and thought it sweet. The sadness displayed by Tryggvarin will touch the heart of many a reader. The touching conclusion left me wanting more."
The Romance Studio: "The Lost Soul of the Wolf by L. Shannon is an emotionally stirring story about friendship. There is a deep sense of sadness that is felt through the character of Tryggvarin." 

The Vixen Files
Amber Quill Press - August 9, 2009 - read an excerpt - buy the ebook

Mae (Maelissian) Vixandra has been the single mother and Alpha pack leader for the Fox Clan of Valàfrn werewolves for far too long, but her time of loneliness may soon be coming to an end. As a psychic she’s seen a glimpse into the future with all the trials and promises yet to come. Her mission: get captured, endure sexual torture, fall in love and convince James to work for her agency and to stay with her...forever.

Status of the Vixen Files Series
More stories in the works. Watch for them coming soon.

Eagle Clan 2: Destiny
December 8, 2007 - Cobblestone Press - excerpt - buy it here - FREE Destiny desktop art!

Rath and Dàn travel to Niagara Falls searching for the truth about Dàn’s father. They find a playboy, sex demon, with all the answers but he expects them to jump through hoops to get them. Before they get the chance, Dàn is attacked by a secretive enemy and Rath is falling in love with a woman who needs him to protect her child from a terrorizing pedophile. There is still a chance it will work out, with the “help” of a troublesome Gypsy girl, a rogue werewolf and a would-be werewolf hunter…

Fallen Angel Reviews:  "a new and fascinating book to the Eagle Clan series." FIVE ANGELS!!
My Book Craving: "Ms. Shannon hasn't failed me yet.  She has that rare magic that captivates me and keeps me reading so I can discover the truths and adventures along with her main characters.  " FIVE FLOWERS! 
In the Library Reviews: "In Destiny, the second book in the Eagle Clan Series, danger and adventure abound. I was pulled into this story from the beginning and loved every minute of the ride until the end. Dàn is an intriguing character that had me feeling his emotions from the get-go, Rath is dangerous with a heart of gold, Destiny is fragile, but has a spine of pure steel, Grant is a totally loveable demon and Kita…I just love a kick-ass, smart-ass. This world that L. Shannon has brought to life is one that I'd love to live in…who could turn down a sexy werewolf or a gorgeous demon?" EIGHT GARGOYLES
Romance Reviews Today:  "Great characterizations and a twisted plot make this gripping story a must read."
Joyfully Reviewed: "Destiny is yet another exciting chapter into the world L. Shannon has created.  There is so much going on and so many intriguing characters"
ParaNormalRomance:  "If you are looking for a story of sweet love, of good triumphing over evil, this book is a good choice." 
Father of the Wolf
Eagle Clan book one ~ read an excerpt ~ 6/30/06 ~ buy the EBOOK or PRINT

Between a wolf and his woman awaits the love they have both been searching for but to reach it they must overcome doubt, fear and betrayal. After several hundred years of isolation Athair and his clan of Valafrn rejoin the American world in search of mates. As a veterinarian, Hope doubts her sanity when she discovers that the wolf who is hit by a car is actually the man of her dreams.

Father of the Wolf  won 3rd place in the the LERA Rebecca
contest, is an eCatromance Reviewers' Choice nominee, and
was #3 best seller (all genre) at fictionwise!  "L. Shannon is a master at creating a mythical world and making it seem realistic"  "In FATHER OF THE WOLF Ms. Shannon writes a wonderful, heartwarming story of familial loyalty and unconditional love.  I fell in love with Athair, his brothers and his sons.  The magical powers of each family member piqued my imagination, and their struggles and determination had me eagerly turning the pages. " 4.5 ribbons~ Thanks Jolie!  "Author L. Shannon weaves an enticing romance caught somewhere between mythic legend and contemporary fantasy"  "Ms. Shannon brings the world of magic and Shape-shifters to life with her wonderful imaginative and descriptive writing."  Thanks Debbie!
Scribes World: "L Shannon has crafted a tight story that entices the reader to flip pages and figure out what is coming next. For those who like shape shifter/werewolf stories with intrigue and romance, FATHER OF THE WOLF is a perfect read." FIVE STARS! Thanks Karen!
Kwips and Kritiques: "The paranormal world the author draws is well-defined and easily draws the reader into it. Once there, we find it peopled with strong characters, solid plot and good dialogue. The love story between the two principles is both sexy and affectionate, with several of the other characters being set up to follow in with stories of their own."  4.5 clovers! THANKS LEE!!
Love Romances and More: "L. Shannon  has written an exciting story full of adventure, betrayal, love and hope. " 4 hearts! Thanks Valerie!
Fallen Angel Reviews:  "I greatly enjoyed reading this book. I will be looking forward to reading the second book to of the Eagle Clan Series. "  4 ANGELS!  Thanks Teresa!
Romance Review Today:  "If you love paranormal stories, you have to read FATHER OF THE WOLF. Be prepared to spend hours in a place where shape shifters not only seem natural, but desirable. You will enjoy every minute of the trip."   Thank you  Robin Lee!
ParaNormalRomance: " This book was a wild ride. I didn't put it down; I just had to know what happened to Hope and Athair. The story was well written, and kept me guessing to the end, and the plot twist were great."  Thanks Christina!
Road to Romance:  "The ability of author L. Shannon to make Athair a leader and father figure at first, then turn it around and make him a sexy leading man all in the same story was truly inspiring." Thanks Julie!
The Romance Studio: "Eagle Clan Series: Father of the Wolf by L. Shannon is a very sensual paranormal romance and action-packed adventure.(... )When passion becomes heated sparks fly as the two come together. I loved the interactions between the characters as they tease the couple about their romance. Things get exciting when the Eagle Clan find themselves facing their enemies. Here action comes with fangs and claws as well as the gun and knife. The scenes are described clearly as to enhance the imagination and bring the action to life. Highly creative, Father of the Wolf by L. Shannon is a thrilling action-packed paranormal adventure as well as a fast paced sensual romance. " 4.5 hearts!  Thanks Anita