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Welcome to the L. Shannon website!

Thanks for visiting.  Here you'll find the latest news about my books, what's coming soon and what I'm currently working on. 

The plan for 2022:  Wow, I have a lot of books sitting around freeloading on my computer... How about this? I'll re-release them all onto amazon to share with the world. Yay! 

So far, so GREAT! Haven't missed a week yet, so here is a free book to celebrate!  ACACIA I: Abducting Aeron FOR FREE!
Thanks for your patience 
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This Month the book spotlight is on...
Blood Royals 1: Blood and Blessings
Read more about the Blood Royals Series, Blood and Blessings, Blood Reign, Blood Justice

What is it about Amelia that drives Grant wild? As a Synn demon from royal blood, he should be able to control his desires. Yet, resisting her isn’t an option. He craves her blood, her body and something more. Grant deals with former friends turned assassins and the sudden disappearance of his demonic mother, while trying to protect Amelia from the harsh realities of her life as well as his own dangerous desires.

Will his power and wealth be enough to keep her safe? Can Amelia accept him for the demon he truly is?

January 7, 2022 - PK Ink on Amazon - buy the book - read more