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Welcome to the L. Shannon website!

Thanks for visiting.  Here you'll find the latest news about my books, what's coming soon and what I'm currently working on. 

The plan for 2023:  After last year's whirlwind of releasing 34 books to amazon... I need to keep that momentum. So for 2023 I'll be focusing on finishing series. I am a reader too so I understand how hard it is to wait on the next book in a series. I'm hoping to offer full trilogies of Lynx Clan, Amethyst, Division Eight, as well as completion or big progress on the Origin stories, Steel City Vampires and maybe the all new Dead Men's Nails. Yay! 

January Update: Now available Lynx Clan 1 & 2. Book three is in edits now.

Stay tuned for more news. 
Thanks for your patience 
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This Month the book spotlight is on...
Lynx Clan 1: Forgiven
Read more about the Lynx Clan Trilogy, Forgiven, Forgotten, Forever

Kelly Greene has spent her adult life using her psychic abilities to protect the weak and defenseless, but this time she rescues a brainwashed, amnesiac, werewolf assassin. Can Kelly trust him to be the good man that her heart desires and her body craves, or will putting her faith in him risk all that she holds dear? 

November 4, 2022 - PK Ink on Amazon - buy the book - read more