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Welcome to the L. Shannon website!

Thanks for visiting.  Here you'll find the latest news about my books, what's coming soon and what I'm currently working on. 

The plan for 2022:  Wow, I have a lot of books sitting around freeloading on my computer... How about this? I'll re-release them all onto amazon to share with the world. Yay! 

Thanks for your patience 
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This Week the book spotlight is on...
ACACIA I: Abducting Aeron
Read more about the Acacia SeriesAbducting AeronBlindsidedCravings.

As a spy for the Acacian moon colony, Aeron is determined to do whatever it takes to uncover the truth about a missing vampire. Although he plans to complete his search in secret, betrayal might leave him in the hands of the enemy and at the tender mercy of his human, planet-side contact.

January 7, 2022 - PK Ink on Amazon - buy the book - read more