Chances 1: A Snowball's Chance
March 3, 2008 - Changeling Press -3000 words- excerpt - Buy it now

Nearly frozen to death, Josh’s only hope is the demon sent to claim his soul. But Chance's “Get Out of Hell Free” cards don’t come easy. To earn his, Josh will have to satisfy a fire demon’s insatiable lust.

"A Snowball’s Chance is a quick, hot and sexy tale of demon and human erotic lust.  Chance, a hot and sexy death demon offers Josh the chance to survive his frozen grave if he can satisfy him multiple times. The satisfaction goes both ways, and if Josh reaches his goal he gets to live too.  A Snowball’s Chance is quite imaginative and in my opinion a win-win situation."
Thanks Ley - Joyfully Reviewed

"Quick, hard and fiery... Josh Franklin is about to die. He’s trapped in a cave with ice and snow as his only companions. Enter Chance, a hunky, horny fire demon with an offer that is literally a case of life or death. The men are a pleasing match and the vivid, rough sexual play between them is electrifying. The sex is a battle, a challenge that pits both men against each other as Josh fights for his life against a man that probably sculpted the definition of hot!"
Thanks Narcissus - Whipped Cream, The Long and the Short of it Reviews - 3.5 cherries

"Snowbound: A Snowball’s Chance is a short but entertainingly fun read that will have readers rooting for Josh to win."
Thanks Ruby Minx - Literary Nymphs - 3.5 nymphs

"Chance is a fascinating character and not at all what I’d expect from a demon.  He’s actually likeable.  What I particularly enjoyed about this story was the idea that we get a second chance before entering heaven or hell for all eternity.  Josh and Chance are certainly not your typical characters but there’s a unique sort of chemistry between them that had me rooting for them – after all, can there possibly be any losers when everyone gets exactly what they desire?"
Chrissy Dionne - Romance Junkies - 4 blue ribbons

Chances 2: A Second Chance
July 22, 2008 - Changeling Press -3000 words- excerpt ~ Buy it now

Passionate Obsession…

Chance can’t get Josh out of his mind. It’s time for the demon to do something to exorcise the human from his nightly erotic dreams. The first step is to find Josh and take his fill of everything the human has to offer…

"I was intrigued with Chance and Josh’s relationship after reading SNOWBALL’S CHANCE so I was thrilled when I learned that their story continues with SECOND CHANCE.  Face it, we expect demons to be cold emotionless creatures so Chance’s feelings for Josh make him seem more personable.  Josh and Chance’s relationship is shocking and the sex is beyond hot – in more ways than one.  L. Shannon has certainly written a compelling story with a unique couple that readers will want to remember.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of this couple in future storylines."
Chritssy Dionne - Romance Junkies - 4.5 Blue Ribbons

"This tale was more of a continuation on Josh and Chance’s love affair.  I can truly say that I will be going back to read this couple’s introductory story.  If it is as good as this one then I know that I am in for another spectacular story.   I am glad that I took a ‘chance’ on A SECOND CHANCE and I eagerly looking forward to Ms. Shannon’s future tales starring Josh and Chance."
Nikita Steele - Wild on Books - 4 Bookmarks!

Chances 3: Another Chance
12/8/08 - Changeling Press -3000 words- excerpt - Buy it now

Worlds apart…

It’s stupid to want to spend Christmas with a Demon, right? Even if he is your lover. Trouble is, Josh is an incurable romantic -- at least when it comes to this particular Demon. All Josh wants for Christmas is another chance…

"ANOTHER CHANCE gives readers an added opportunity to revisit Josh and his demon Chance. L. Shannon has devised these characters so that they’re constantly evolving and readers feel emotionally invested in their lives. Chance’s devotion to Josh is very sweet and hot! It’s obvious he loves him and wants to do whatever will make his lover happy. I really felt great empathy for Brandon. He cares for Josh a great deal and his disappointment at learning that Josh hadn’t rented the cabin for a rendezvous with him was heartbreaking. I’m now anxiously awaiting further books in this series and after checking Ms. Shannon’s website, I see that there will be more CHANCE books in the near future."
Chrissy, Romance Junkies, 4.5 Blue Ribbons

Chances 3.5: A Chance Encounter
12/2008 - Changeling Press -1500- (free read)  cheeky changeling

Chances 4: Games of Chance
2/20/09 - Changeling Press -15000 words- excerpt ~ Buy it now

After Chance learns that Josh is still in love with an old roommate, he'll stop at nothing to find out if Brandon is worthy of that loyalty, nothing short of a series of sexual tests. He determined to get Brandon over his longstanding fear of demons, because if he can't handle being with Chance too, he's not coming back into Josh's life.

Chances 5: Chance of a Lifetime
2/24/09 - Changeling Press -3000 words- excerpt ~ Buy it now

The perfect gift, one hunk of an ex-lover wrapped in cuffs and a red leather bow.  But will the gift be accepted in the spirit it was given? Or will the gift tear their love apart?

Collection: Taking Chance
2010 - Changeling Press - Buy it now

Get all of Chance, all at once!

Status of the Chance Series
The status is completely unknown. LOL Chance is rather a force of nature. His books come when he wants them, never any other time. I'm sure we'll see more of Chance and Josh. I just can't tell you when.