Blood Royal 1: Of Blood and Blessings
(Originally published with Changeling Press in June 2006 )
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The first novella, Of Blood and Blessings opens up in the human world where Grant, a relatively young half demon, is “outed” introducing a complex demon culture through his human lover’s eyes. While fighting his would be assassins and denying his inexplicable addiction for Amelia, Grant does whatever it takes to make her happy and keep them both safe.

Blood Royal 2: Blood Reign
(Originally published with Cobblestone Press in January 2007)
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The second, Blood Reign picks up the story with Grant’s mother, Sadrina and how protecting her son leads her back to the one demon she’s always loved and the hell he rules over. To prove her right to rule at his side she must complete tests including passing judgment over the most notorious of her kind—her father, Sadaen.

Blood Royal 3: Blood Justice
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The third book, Blood Justice picks up with Sadaen and his quest for justice and redemption. He finds both in the arms of an angel determined to execute him. His only hope is to bind them together with a deal that could destroy them both.