Blood Royal 1: Of Blood and Blessings
(Originally published with Changeling Press in June 2006 )
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Running from assassins, the last thing Grant needs is another complication in his life. But he hadn’t counted on Amelia. She’s lost her family and her wealth and is having a difficult time dealing with the new realities of her life. Grant wants to help and protect her, but his growing desire for her body and her blood has him wondering who will protect her from him?

Blood Royal 2: Blood Reign
(Originally published with Cobblestone Press in January 2007)
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Sadrina is a mother who will do anything to protect her son, even return to the demon she's always loved and hell he rules over with an iron fist. Immortal beings used as pawns in an elaborate game that crosses millennia, will Sadrina and Pahele be allowed to follow where their passion leads, or will they once again be torn apart by the whims of Fate?

Blood Royal 3: Blood Justice
all new...
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After Sadaen faces down his own daughter when she comes for his soul, he's faces the reality of his own  dark crimes.  It's time he accept justice and he can think of no better blade to bring him down than that angel  he'd once called family. Lyna has hunted him for ages to avenge her sister, his former mate. Now they face each other one last time and seal a bargain that could spell destruction or salvation for them both.

After Sad

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