height: 6'5
weight: 210
eye clr: grey
hair clr: black
book: Of Blood and Blessings
Quote: "the world is pretty messed up. I'm just doing my part to keep it from ending."
Current Location: Private club at Niagara Falls, NY
MOTTO: Do unto others it you must, but do it well enough to be remembered.
Grant has a way of getting into situations... fortunately he's good at getting out of them too.

When asked what he looks for in a woman, Grant had this to say:
After 6000 years as a sex demon I have high standards when it comes to passion. Let me know if you want to apply.

I recently discovered blogging. I have a good time hanging out at these ones...

LShannon ~ Totally Loki ~ J

This month’s interview is with Grant, the star and hero of my new release, OF BLOOD AND BLESSINGS

What is your name and does it have any special meaning? ~ Grant, sometimes when I need a last name I go be Mr. Grant, or Grant Grant, which gives the humans a laugh.
What is your birth date or current age? ~ I was born shortly before the Egyptian Pyramids were built. You do the math.
Tell us a little about your family and where you grew up. ~ Well , let’s see… there was wandering the Egyptians deserts before they were Egypt.  Since we were on the run from killers on both sides of my family tree, it wasn’t much of a picnic.  Then there was hell, where I was taken after my mother and I were caught and my father was killed…  I think you get the idea.
What do you like to do for fun? ~ Get laid. It’s the sex demon from Mom’s side of the family.  You just can’t escape genes like that, and really who would want to?
You have lived quite a while, can you tell us about any special women in your life? ~ Dozens, but I don’t kiss and tell.  But are there any that you would call the love of your life?  ~ Amelia, my wife. When a man gets married once in 6000 years, you can assume the woman is someone special.
Is there anyone special in your life now? ~ I would rather not say.
What is your biggest pet peeve? ~ Werewolves that aren’t housetrained.
What really turns you on? ~ Redheads. Sorry to cut this short but I must fly, Stop by the blog ( and say hello. S let’s us all hang out there. Later.

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