Who's who in the nine realms
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Valàfrn Werewolves
Bear ~ Eagle ~ Kodiak ~Lynx ~ Snake ~ Tiger ~ Wolf

~ Bear Clan ~
Sandulfr ~ Debuts in Father of the Wolf and will have his one story told in Bear Clan: Challenge. More.

Soarsa ~ She will have to betray either her family or the man of her heart. Her decision won't affect the future of their clan. More.

Maura ~ (mar-ah) The youngest oracle the Bear Clan has ever seen. Maura is destined to watch over the heart of the nine realms. More.

Domari ~ (doe-mar-ee) She guards her clan against the betraying rogues who would threaten them all, but what if one of them is her destined mate? More.

Sundair - He has a secret which he inherited from a grandmother he never met. Because of it Sundair will never truly feel acceptance among his clan. More.

~ Eagle Clan ~
Acair- (ah-care) alpha wolf of the Eagle Clan. Mature and self contained, Acair takes his role as leader of the clan seriously. He gained the leadership not through challenge but by seniority, as he is older than his twin brother, Athair by almost an hour. More.

Athair - (ah-thare) Although, Athair is not his given name, it is the title of respect that he has accepted for nearly four hundred years. The Gaelic word meaning Father fits him in all ways.  He guides and protects the orphans of the clan in any way needed.  Athair meets his mate in EC1: FATHER OF THE WOLF. More.

Sgrios - Was once called Donnchadh (don-cahd-ah)Younger brother to Acair and Athair, Sgrios is dark and dangerous.  He has few things left to value but those, he protects at all costs, usually at the cost of the lives of any who threaten them. More.

Rath - (wrath) Strong and serious, Rath is the steadfast defender of the clan. He is calm and sensible even in a fight, and ever loyal at Dan's side. Rath's story will be told in EC2: Destiny. More.

Dàn - (dun) But he doesn't complain if you just call him Dan. Self contained and mysterious, Dàn searches for his past and future. He uses his vast magical abilities to defend loved ones and strangers. Although many care about Dàn and try to aid him in his search for peace, he allows no one past his defenses or into his heart. More.

Díon - (day-on) He is lost somewhere between good and evil and will only find peace when the last soul he trusts finally betrays him. Díon is the risk that no one dares to trust in. He guards his secrets and expects no mercy from a world that has shunned him since the day of his birth. More.

Adhar - (ah-dhar) Quiet and motherly, Adhar has a weakness for any soul in need. Her heart has been bonded for centuries, but will he ever accept their partnership? Her story will be told in EC3: Journey. More.

Cradh - Injured as a child, he alone in the clan is without magical abilities. Although, weak in body and powers, he is strong in courage and spirit. More.

Allaidh - (ah-lay-dah) Wild by name and by nature, there are no limits to what she will do for love, even sacrifice her own happiness and honor. But centuries of being misunderstood come at a cost. More.

Romach - (ro-mahk) Time has taught him that life is far too long to take seriously. Romie enjoys the beach at night, old detective movies and cheesie card tricks. More.

Molach - (mo-lahk) Romie's twin brother believes in living each moment to the fullest.  His perfect day begins and ends with pizza and is packed with dare devil stunts like sky diving, bungee jumping and night surfing. No challenge goes unmet. But when he finally meets his better half, he learns just what it means to risk it all. More.

Reultan - (rule-tan) With the voice of an angel and a spirit for adventure, Reulton enjoys his celebrity life. But he remains loyal to the clan and is only a phone call away for any need. More.

Leth - Harley, leather, tattoos and a preference for weapons. He has wicked aim and a strange sense of humor. And a doctorate in psychology?  Leth is a study in contradictions. More.

Lasair - She alone can temper her father's dangerous nature. Her strength and compassion guide her through the world of man, but will Sgrios ever allow or accept another man in her life? A lover? A mate? A human? More.

Solas - (so-lass) daughter of Cradh and Adhar. She is the youngest of the Eagle Clan and is a little bit spoiled by having so many of her extended family cater to her every whim. But that won't stop her from jumping into the modern world and showing her older relatives how to have fun.


~ Kodiak Clan ~
Bequlf ~ He's a dick. Do you really want to know More?

Pretty Boy Floyd ~ He was scarred in a horrible accident that left his sister dead and him an exile. Although born of an alpha pair, he acts as beta wolf to Bequlf in his pack of cold-blooded killers.

Bequira ~ She is the eldest of Bequlf's twin daughters.

Beysira ~ Youngest of Bequlf's twin daughters. She hopes to take over as clan assassin some day soon.


~ Lynx Clan ~
Caspian ~ Being eldest of a destroyed clan left Caspian in charge long before he was able to handle the responsibility of protecting the others. Cas debuts in LC1: Forgiven and will have his own story in LC3: Forever. More.

Dain ~ He reacted to the abuse of his captors by rebelling at every opportunity. He is violent and unpredictable and fitting of his role as assassin. He debuts in LC1: Forgiven and will have his story told in LC2: Forgotten. More.

Saxxon ~ He is the youngest of the three brothers and has given into the the brainwashing and abuse that turned him into a programmed killer. All that changes in his story, LC1: Forgiven. More.

~ Snake Clan ~
Naven and Simone (Snake Clan Alphas)
Marshal and Felicia (Cottonmouth Clan Alphas)
The Bushmaster (last of his clan)


~ Tiger Clan ~
Rho Chen
Rho Chenzai (Jenna)


~ Wolf Clan ~
Vali ~ He was cursed for a crime he didn't commit, and left trapped in a life fit for an animal. Vali's Curse. More.

Vulf - As Vali's eldest son, Vulf has learned to be strong and brave and born the wolf curse inherited from his father. Vulf will have his story told in A Spirit United.


Tascryn Demons
Akryn ~ Synn ~ Cyvampis ~ Daelyn ~ Royal

~ Akryn ~
Dyce - He is a daywalking dream demon working with his anom'tan unit in New York City. He is Wyk's mate and they have been together through the centuries.
Phyr -
Wyk - She is a powerful mystery even to those who know Wyk best.

~ Synn ~

~ Cyvampis ~
Gaybriel ~ Gabryel
Mychael ~ Mykael
Rayce -

~ Daelyn ~
Ariun (Aryun)
Eios (Eyos)

~ Royal Tascryn Demons~

Pahele- (pah-e-leh) He has held the right hand throne in hell for known history and long before. His power is beyond known limits. His weakness is for the one soul he has been unable to claim. Pahele makes his debute in Of Blood and Blessings. His story is told in Blood Reign.  More.

Sadaen - (sa-day-en) - his name in the old language means yearning for death. He once held the left hand throne.  After his mate died, he was removed or fled under mysterious pretenses.  His current location is unknown. Sadaen will make his debute in Blood Reign. His own book will be titled Blood Justice. More.

Sadrina(sa-dreen-a) It is her destiny to be queen, but she has spent most of her life imprisoned and enslaved. All that will change in her story, Blood Reign. More.

Grant - He is the son of Sadrina and a mortal Egyptian man, Granis-Ra. He calls himself "companion" to Jerdin. Grants story is told in Blood Quest and Of Blood and Blessings. More.

Peh-Casaden (Graye) - His destiny is to unify hell and rule over all lesser gods or so he was told... His book will be The Blood Prince. More.

Sacayla - She is about to break every rule ever created and unleash chaos upon all known realms. She will risk the too early arrival of the end for what else but love?  Her book will be Forbidden Blood but you can meet her and her family in  My Demon Valentine. More


~ Vampires ~



Burn (Brenda) Burn makes her debute in Season of Blood. Her story will be told in Slash and Burn. More.



Asian ~ Buddist ~ Celtic ~ Christian ~ Egyptian ~ Greek ~ Hindu ~ Native American ~ Norse ~ Roman

~ Egyptian ~

~ Norse ~

Orejona ~ the goddess from the faraway stars who set forth the land for the Inca. Season of Blood


(ITK-in the know)

Dorina ~ She's known about werewolves since she watched them kill her family. She will get even in EC5. More.

Ella ~ She is human but she is also a central part of the Valafrn world. Ella reveals her secret in EC1: Father of the Wolf and will be seen often as the series continues. More.

Rook ~ He is a cop in D.C. working missing persons division. It's not what he does. It is who he is.  Rook is first seen in LC1: Forgiven and he will have his own book which is currently untitled. More.

Sam ~ She has lived next to the Bear Clan all her life. When enough clues piled up she wasn't afraid to put the pieces together. Sam debutes in EC1: Father of the Wolf and will be seen again in EC4: Song of Sorrow. More.

Steve ~ He hit a werewolf with his car. Normally that would be the end, but his best friend, the vet was with him and she got them involved. EC1: Father of the Wolf. More.



Jerdin ~ Unknown ~ More
Logan ~ Unknown ~ Logan is not what he seems but to find out the truth you'll have to read his story in My Immortal.
Nail ~ Kindred Spirit ~ More
Slash ~ Dark Elf ~ More
Zip ~ Pixie ~ More