FAQ about eBooks

What is an eBook?
An eBook is a book that is bought, sold and read
in the electronic format. This includes downloaded
or disc formats.  EBooks are often more affordable
than print versions and more easily accessable and

Are eBooks for real, or just a scam?
EBooks are real books either published by real,
royalty paying publishers or self published by the
author the same as print books can be.

Why would an author choose to publish
with an ePress?
There are many reasons that an author might
choose to contract their book with an electronic
press (ePress). New authors often find it easier as
well as less intimidating to publish with ePress
because the companies tend to be smaller and
there are many more of them to choose from. Also
most ePress are more willing to take a chance on a
new author, a high risk genre or unusal topic or style.
Many of the authors you can now find in brick and
mortar book stores began their career by writing eBooks.

Why should I try eBooks?
Many feel that eBooks are the way of the future. I personally see that they are growing in popularity and believe they will be an important part of the reading options for decades to come.

EBooks are often more affordable than print books and you can download the file right to your computer without driving to a store to purchase a print copy. There are no closed hours for eBook stores. They are open 24/7 and available wherever an internet connection is an option.

There are no heavy, awkward storage requirements. EBooks are stored on your computer or any removable file. They can be used on desktops, laptops and a variety of eBook readers that are wonderfully portable. Thousands of eBooks can be stored in less space needed to store a single average print book.

Some eBook formats will read the story to you. I find this particularly relaxing after working on the computer all day. It's almost like have a bedtime story read aloud. To try this feature out using the Adobe PDF format, go to VIEW, click  READ ALOUD.

My personal favorite... no dusting. :)

Where do I find eBooks?
You can find eBooks by any search engine. I am published through several eBook Publishers including Cobblestone Press, Chippewa Publishing and Changeling Press. There are many more out there to chose from. You can find a partial list of publishers on my "for writers" page.

How do I buy eBooks?
Most ePublishers accept major credit cards and paypal. You can browse through their books and select the one or ones you wish to purchase then pay for them at the check out. The publisher will offer directions on how to download your purchase.

How do I use an eBook?
When you have downloaded and saved your new eBook, you can open it and read it whenever you wish. Another option is having the computer read the book to you which many formats offer.

Still not sure?  Click on the free eBook offer at the top of this page and try one out for free. Once the file is loaded you can use the "save as" feature to store it on your computer to read anytime without having to stay connected to the internet.

Click on a cover below to try an eBook out and see how you like the format.