Glossary of terms and Proper Nouns
in alphabetical order
terms (places and things)

Akyrn (Ah-keer-en) Tascryn Dream Demons, use dreams and the power of suggestion to transition mortal souls

Anom’tan (Ah-nom-tan) Special group of Tascryn demons who have reclaimed their souls from the Hall of Souls and are able to complete sacred tascs without being harmed by sunlight

Caelki (sell-key) selkie. Ancient race of seal shifters, bound to the sea. FACT: if a child dies then so does the father. Children are rare and girl children almost unheard of. If a male does not sire a child by his hundreth full moon, then he will die and with him his line of fathers. For this reason, they mingle little with other races and steal away any children born outside their protection.

Cyvampis (ki-vamp-is) Tascryn Blood Demons, drain away the will to live from more resistant mortals

Daegyn-Rok (daag-in-rock) Bringer of rebirth through death. A destroyer. The prophecy claims one specific daegyn-rok will lead eight others when the time is right to cleanse the world.

Daelyn (day-lin) Tascryn Death Demons, when all else fails, Daelyn kill a marked tasc be them mortal or even one of the gods

Hiiskyn (hiss-kin) Small draconic creature native to Niflheim

Keepr (keeper) Female mortal descendent of the Norse god, Loki, records and protects the history of the Valàfrn clans

Koyaesh (Coy-aishe) Pet fish native to Niflheim that resembles Japanese Koi.

Loki (low-key) Norse god of mischief or maybe he was just misunderstood

Myanom (my-a-nom) Abbreviated to m'anom. An endearment, translates to 'my soul' FACT: Many of the demons consider m'anon to represent the sun that they rarely are able to see and may substitute it with "morning star"

Niflheim (nif-el-hime) Place of souls,hell, homeland of Tascryn demons

Norns (norns) The Norse goddesses of destiny

scytari (skih-tar-ee) Small ceremonial dagger

Silbyn (sil-bin) a vine native to Niflheim that produces four inch wide blooms similar to morning glories. The scent is strong and calming. The plant needs no light to thrive but instead survives off of the ambient magic given off by the demons of the realm.

Synn (sin) Tascryn Sex Demon, use sex and seduction to ease souls into accepting death

tasc (task) Sacred duty of transitioning souls

Tascryn (task-rin) Demons with the purpose of transitioning souls from one life to the next

Tascrina (task-reen-ah) Female demon of significant power who wields the tascryna to maintain balance within niflheim

Tascryna (task-rin-ah) Holy relic used to tasc powerful beings and battle all forms of evil

Tol'daen (Toll-day-en) Death angels. In the old language they were named death bringers.

tychlas (tike-lass) Small metal balls used to teach more powerful young demons how to control their magic.

Valafrn (val-a-fear-en) Race possessing a werewolf curse and shape shifting powers. “Children of Vali” live together in clans but often mingle with humans, even taking human mates

Vampire or vampiire.A vampire is created when a Cyvampis demon kills a mortal by draining their blood then revives them by feeding their Cyvampis blood to the dead. FACT: Vampires are renamed on their rising and those names usually consist of a "ii" such as Jamiis or Briin. It is possible for a Vampire to create other vampires but only the strongest (called masters) can do so.

individual names
You can find pronunciations and other information on the profiles page.

the basic rules of the nine realms

1. good and evil are in the eye of the beholder (yep- same as beauty)
2. power is absolute, but it is not always misused.
3. existence is only limited by imagination (this might not be true)
4. in any battle, strength is the secret to triumph. (strength is found in more than muscles ~ never underestimate strength of will)
5. the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.

Now if you've had enough of that Zen shit, let me (Grant) tell you a little about the nine realms. If I miss anything ask me on my blog (actually it's L. Shannon's but if you ask me, I'll answer and I won't sugar or shit coat it.)

1! If it's bigger or stronger than you- don't piss it off. If you do, put on your runners and haul ass, cause it will kill you or worse.
2! If you care about something, DON'T set it free. (trust me-bad idea) I recommend kissing her ass until she wants to stay.
3! When the big guy says duck, don't hesitate. He doesn't screw around, and he might find it funny if you suffer for your stupidity.
4! Friends and family. Always protect what you love, even if the cost proves too high.
5! Don't listen to me. I have been around for six thousand years and still haven't gotten it right. Find someone who has, and listen to them.

What you need to know about the nine realms...

The world as you probably know it actually has nine realities instead of one. In some cases these are drastically different (like heaven and hell kind of different). The closest you could find reference to these realms is what you humans call Norse mythology. Although the records don't get it all right, they do hit the high points. There are nine primary races to which the Creator gave nine realms. Aesir, Dark Elves, Light Elves, Dwarves, Jotun, Humans, Tascryn (land of the dead), Valhalla, and Vanir.

Though most people seem to think this is the first age, I'm not so sure. I think that perhaps Ragnarok has come and gone a couple times, though it is only my opinion. The predictions all point to the end coming (again) and I personally hope it doesn't come too soon.

What you need to know about demons...

Not all are bad.  In fact I can be very good (really very good). You might hear about my brethren the Tascryn demons and they happen to be mostly the good kind. The Tascryn are the protectors of souls and help to maintain the balance of life in all nine realms.

Being a Tascryn demon is mostly a thankless job. Very few people are happy to see us come to claim a soul, after all that means you either are about to die, or we are about to kill you. Our health plan is pretty good. Tascryn are extremely hard to kill and heal almost instantaneously. The vacation schedule sucks. Tascryn work 24/7 and are only allowed one vacation every thousand years. (yeah, I didn't think that was fair either)

There is more than one kind of demon. Tascryn Demons live and work mostly in Niflheim, but a whole different kind call Abaddon home. The Abaddon Demons tend to have fewer rules and a significantly different job description.

What you need to know about werewolves...

The kind of werewolf that I know the most about are called Valafrn werewolves. I have grown rather fond of them over the years. The Valafrn all descended from one fellow (who wasn't quite human) named Vali. You see, Vali went and got himself cursed into his furry form, but in his case it was much worse than others kinds of werewolf curses. Vali was a wolf for all but three nights a month. He took human form for the three nights (and 2 days) of the full moon. Yeah well it sucked for him and proved to be inherited, so all his children (and he was very productive) were cursed just like him. Vali did what any loving father would do; he went to the god who cursed him and begged. (Despite his usually furry form) he didn't beg very well, but Odin helped him anyhow. Together they found a way to let Vali's children use magic to control their physical form. As it turned out, the kiddies got more than they expected and ended up powerful shapeshifters.

~a friend's page that I recently found ~

Some extra info that Grant forgot to mention...

Vampires exist. You will note, I said exist, not live. Because we do not live. It just happens that we don't lie down and rot either. And to cover some other bases, we have no souls, which sucks. The act of being turned vampire traps our souls in a catch 22 sort of screw up. We aren't dead, so the soul can't move on, but since the souls are torn from our bodies we should be dead.  So the souls get shelved in the Hall of Souls until true death catches up to us. The lack of a soul generally causes all the other shit to suck too. I yearn all the time for something I can't find. The hunger makes me want to kill those who don't suffer like I do. Without a soul, the sun, a gift of life from the Creator will burn my undead body to a crisp. Without a soul, true holy relics will have the same effect. So no tan lines or midnight mass for me.

Since vamps happen to be dead, we have a hard time with other things too like sex and reproduction. No swimmers here and not much inclination to jump many dames either. That's not to say I don't enjoy sex, I do, but it's a whole different ball game for us walking dead types. For one thing blood is a turn on. It not just what's for dinner. And if a guy vamp wants sex, he'd better plan ahead and be sure to not be running low a quart, if you know what I mean.

And don't forget the fun little side note that says the demons, which Grant thinks are so damn rosey, have the right and often pleasure to hunt my vampire brothers whenever they feel the urge. I'm just waiting for the day they are stupid enough to come after me. I say bring them on. I'll remind them of a few other ancient and lesser known weaknesses I happen to know about their race.

The Dead Language
The dead language (Daenok) is the eldest of all languages. The Royal Tascryn demons speak and read the language. Some deities also are fluent but most consider the language something of a curse. The dead language is built more on basic conceptual meaning and gains more detailed usage with the help of body language and empathic sharing of meaning. In other words even knowing the words can be very misleading. But there are some basic sounds and root words that are used often and in different ways with the same general meaning.

aesh- to bless or be blessed.
anom - soul
bry - difficulty
bryk - a hard/difficult journey
byx - to damn, to be damned
da/day - something precious and cherished
dae - death/the end/ to die/ be killed/ or to kill/ having to do with death
ga/gah/gal - easy, gentle, can be a softener to lighten the meaning of a word
gyn - birth, beginning
ki/ky/kyn - small/young/new, an endearment for a child or younger loved one
ko/koy - an indicator of longevity/forever/eternal.
la/lan - love, can refer to an endearment as in m'lan- my love
lin/rin - justice/ right over wrong/ to judge
lo/lor - fear
lyn/ryn- of being/
m’ - personal posessive/ my when connected to any word. m’anom means my soul
na/nay - loss
nok - knowledge/information/ learning
pah/pae/pahae - peace/ a perfect balance with the past, present and future
ra/rah - power or strength
rag - to be consumed/devoured -usually in reference to fire
rin/lin - justice/ right over wrong/ to judge
rok - rebirth/ renew/ cleanse/
ryn/lyn - of being/
sa/sa' - an undeniable need, desire, yearning.
t' - added before any word shifts the meant to a question.
t'ay - an expression of question. Alone it means What? in disbelief.
tol - to be/ a link between/ a tie or bond/progressive meaning go to or become
tar - passion, can be sexual or not
va/vay - a linking word meaning to be with.
vyn/vin/vn - an intensifier. the addition of this to any word will deepen meaning.

Phrase Translations from Daenok (the dead language) to English

Pahaesys tol.” Be at peace. (Blood Reign)

"Pahaesys tol Mykaelysis.” Be at peace, Mykael. (Blood Reign. In this case Sadrina is using Mykael's formal name as an honor. Name length often corralates to power.)

Pykisiss a drin lowyn.  Daevyn tol rysnu-rok." Which translated roughly into, the power is mine to judge you wanting. Now you must die so that you may be reborn clean of all sin.  (from Blood Reign)

"m’anom" My soul- used as a term of endearment in EC11: Deception

"Aeshlyn avayla." - a phrase offering blessing and good will, translates to mean Be blessed with love.

"Byxm!"  I'll be damned, an expression of surprise or alarm. "Byx'm" Damn me."Byx'su." Damn you.

"Aeshlyn da lorna, m'tar avayla evokoyla." This is somewhat complicated. Meryk expresses his joy at being blessed with love while at the same time fearing he'll lose that precious thing forever. Hellish Love Stories: Hotter than Hell