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Welcome to the L. Shannon website!

Here you can find the latest news about my books, what's coming soon, and what I'm currently working on. As usual, I'm working in a couple different projects: Division Eight (writing book two, Between Deven and the Deep Blue Sea), Dead Men's Nails (marketing book 1: Kindred Spirit), Steel City Vampires (writing  Blitzed and Dangerous Company), The Lynx Clan (editing book 1 and writing book 2) Amethyst (on hold for now),  and Eagle Clan (editing book 3: The Longest Journey) with a few other small projects sneaking in here and there.

Currently on the schedule for the year:  Who knows? Life is full of whimsy...  Think I'll try a few new things and see where it leads me.

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This month the book spotlight is on...
Blood Royals 3: Blood Justice
Read more about the Blood Royals Series, Of Blood and Blessings, Blood Reign, and Blood Justice.

After Sadaen tires of vengeance, he longs for only justice and redemption. He finds both in the arms of an angel determined to execute him. Lyna is convinced he deserves to die, and she’ll do anything to bring him to justice, even if it means betraying everything she holds dear.

Despite their long history of combat, he’s sure that only Lyna can offer him a future worthy of his past. He’ll either burn as the rogue demon he’s become or redeem himself through the flames of her passion. His only hope is to bind them together with a deal that could destroy them both.

June 4, 2012 - Liquid Silver Books - buy the book - read more