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Hellish Love Stories: Hotter Than Hell
November 2009 ~ Liquid Silver Books

Hotter than Hell was nominanted for Best Erotic Book of 2009 at the Love Romances Cafe!

"I loved everything about this scorching, fun erotic read. Wait that's a lie, I did hate one thing about it -- that it ended. The plot is fast paced and fun. I love dark heroes and Meryk is a near perfect match for the usually coolly composed Lani. Paranormal fans will find a solid, quick sexy tale of demon and human relations. This is the first time I'd read one of L. Shannon's books but I will definitely be checking out her backlist as well as looking forward to the upcoming books in the Hellish Love Stories series. " The Romance Studio, 5/5 hearts, Thanks Theresa!

"Ms. Shannon has created characters who are so appealing, well-developed, and memorable that you can’t help but love them. Lani is convinced that she has passed out on the floor of the ladies’ room in the convention center and is having some sort of fantasy erotic dream. Meryk is basically the “runt of the litter” among his brothers, doesn’t like being the purveyor of pestilence, and would quite frankly like to get the hell out of Hell. The chemistry between these two is absolutely combustible, and the interaction between them is playful and sweet as well as sensual."  BookWenches, 4.5/5 rating, Thanks Bobby!

"L. Shannon shows us what can happen to your life when it gets turned upside down by a sexy demon prince. Grab a cool grass of water for this hot and steamy romance that will make you go up in flames.
... This is a must read." Night Owl Reviews, 4.75/5 stars,  Thanks Zollyanna!
Hotter than Hell was a NOR TOP PICK!

"Hotter Than Hell by L. Shannon scorched my eyes. I enjoyed this fast-paced, humorous story. Meryk had me sighing, wishing I had my very own demonic prince, and Lani had me in stitches. Their passion and love brought a smile to my face and had me clapping. I would recommend this read to my friends.  I look forward to reading more from L. Shannon." Two Lips Reviews, 4.5/5 kisses, Thanks Sin!

The Vixen Files
August 2009 ~ Amber Quill Press ~ excerpt ~ buy the ebook

"Another hot, sexy story from the talented L Shannon. Her werewolf stories are always exciting and hot. In this short story, she delivers another marvelous read that will capture and hold you in its thrall. I really enjoyed Mae Vixandra, a woman with a mission. And James, a very hunky hero. There is plenty of action between these two, in the sheets as well as otherwise. The sex scenes are emotional, tense and oh so very hot. Make sure there is some ice nearby. I hope that L Shannon will write some stories about Mae’s daughters. There is already a potential hero introduced in this one. And if you haven’t read this author’s work before, get yourself a copy of this story and I guarantee you will be hunting up her backlist! " Love Romances & More, Thanks Valerie

"L. Shannon's The Vixen Files was a thrilling novella that I had to just keep reading until the ending made its appearance. With each turn of the page, I discovered a new and exciting event that kept me glued to my seat eager to discover just want Ms. Shannon had in store for James and Mae. Important secrets were revealed while some significant indications were hinted of what's to come. I can't wait to see what Ms. Shannon will come up with next that hopefully will involve each of Mae's six daughters. Sparks flew the instant James and Mae met and their passion never once lost its heat or lustfulness throughout the book. The couple's relationship will definitely give you pleasurable excitement, spine-tingling moments, and the twister that will have a shocking effect. So, go pick up your copy of The Vixen Files, you will not be disappointed! " The Romance Studio (full review has spoilers), 4/5 hearts, Thanks Contessa!

Division 8: Zeven Ways to Kill Your Lover
May 2009 ~ Amber Quill Press ~ excerpt ~ buy the ebook

"Zeven Ways To Kill Your Lover was an intense action story with hot sex between Zeven and Harley. The different scenarios that both of them came up with and then shot down gave the book its title. I enjoyed reading this book as there were several unexpected twists and the back-story of how Zeven became an assassin." Literary Nymphs, 4/5 nymphs, Thanks Amazon Nymph

"L Shannon, is in my opinion, a fantastic writer who gives her readers a really wonderful story with great characters. This story is not only a hot romance between two ex-lovers who have a lot to overcome before they find their happy ending, this story is also a real adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. L Shannon has built a world where werewolves live among humans and it is not a good thing when humans find out about them. They will not be around for very long. L Shannon writes a story where emotions run deep. She brings forth a whole kaleidoscope of feelings that will have the reader gasping, squirming and holding her breath. If you enjoy shapeshifter stories, with larger than life characters and a plot that has you scrolling frantically, then pick up a book by L. Shannon. I guarantee you will not regret it. " Love Romances & More, Thanks Valerie

"Overall, L. Shannon has written a story that is good if you want to relax with a simple paranormal tale."  Fallen Angel Reviews, 3 angels, Ashley

Ghosts of Midnight Ridge: Nothing but Ash
April 2009 ~ Liquid Silver Books

"All I can say is wow, this story hooks you early and keeps you hooked until the very last line. Owen just tugs at emotional heart strings, his life is in shambles and all he wants to do is protect his daughter and learn what happened to his wife. When the unthinkable happens, he turns to the one woman who has always been there for him. ...This is a short read that shouldn't be missed. L. Shannon has done a fantastic job at spinning a tale that will keep you guessing until the end. I look forward to reading more of her works." ParaNormalRomance Reviews,

"These questions and more are all answered in this exciting, short story from L.Shannon. This is a story that will grip you on the first page and hold you captive until the last. It is an intense story, dark and surprising. Here you have two great main characters, a surprise villain, a truly exciting plot and a breathtaking journey to a happy end. I especially enjoyed the last chapter. L.Shannon is an author you have to try and get hooked on. She always gives her readers a wonderful, emotional story. I’ve been a fan for a long time and can’t get enough of her stories and characters. She has, in this short, masterfully created a well-rounded story that will entertain and thrill. What are you waiting for? Go pick it up. You will be hooked! "  Love Romances & More, Thanks Valerie

"All in all, Nothing But Ash is a decent read, although I do wish Owen and Sienna hadn't test my patience as much as they did in this story."  Mrs Giggles Reviews,  Rating: 73

Demons Gone Wild: Wednesday's Child: Marked by Tears
March 2009 ~ Noble Romance

"I'll be honest, I was really disappointed when I reached the end of this book...because it was over. I wanted to hear more about the rogue demon Kry'n and his people. Ms. Shannon creates an interesting world of creatures pulling different types of demons from mythos into one place but giving them her own personal twist. I was very, very interested in the main character and what he went through to bring him to the point he is at in this story. His back story is hinted at but I would love to see a story of just him and how he came to be on the run. Jane is a little bit flat in comparison to Kry'n magnificence but it does not distract from the story at all. I look forward to more from this author and will be certainly keeping an eye out for it. " You Gotta Read Reviews, Thanks Tir

Chances 5: Chance of a Lifetime
March 2009 ~ Changeling Press

"Chance of a Lifetime is book five in the Chance series. A steamy evening for three, a life-altering plan and a bond created from love and sacrifice is awaiting Josh. From the way L. Shannon ended the story, I know there is definitely more to come our way about these three men. I found Chance of a Lifetime a delightful quick read, and look forward to the next installment."
Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs, 4/5 Nymphs

"L. Shannon’s aphoristic fantasy of pleasure and dominating passion will light up your evening. Her characters are all male but yet willing to bend their masculine outlook to satisfy their lovers. I recommend this for anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to have your new lover and your ex lover in the same bed and willing to do anything to please you." Bitten by Books,

Chances 4: Games of Chance
February 2009 ~ Changeling Press

"Games of Chance is book four in the Chance series. It’s been a hard year for Brandon without having Josh in his life and bed. He misses his lover terribly, and wants them to have a second try at a relationship. Chance knows this could all backfire but if all parties cooperate, he knows they could all be happy and content. Brandon has a few inner demons that have to be exorcised before he can become a willing participant. Games of Chance proves just how far we will go for the ones we love. The issues are complex and the characters are fun and erotically charged."
Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs, 4/5 Nymphs

"I give this book 4 tombstones. It was a well developed storyline. I also think that L. Shannon does a great job of character development. The reader gets a good feel for who Brandon is in Games of Chance. I half expected to see Josh make an appearance, but Brandon and Chance’s relationship is the focus of this book. I have only read one other of the books in the Chance series, but I think I may have to go back and read the other three books that make up this series. Chance is an intriguing character, and I want to learn more about his and Josh’s relationship after reading this latest book in the series. I would probably recommend reading the series in the order in which it is written as it will make more sense. If you enjoy m/m D/s romances, then this is just the book for you."  Bitten by Books,

Acacia III: Cravings
December 2008 ~ Changeling Press

"Acacia III: Cravings is the third installment of the Acacia series. The setting is perfect for what Caitlin will have to endure, and she lets her fangs out in this installment. I loved watching her interaction with Jem and Ross. Their connection provides them the strength needed to survive this battle, and will forge their future. Truly, she does discover some of her enemies in this book, but there are more to come. L. Shannon brings action and suspense in Acacia III: Cravings. I’m looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us in the next book in this series. "  Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs, 4/5 nymphs

"The third installment in the Acacia series by L. Shannon picks up on the introduction made in the last pages of “Acacia II: Blindsided”. The characters of Caitlin, Ross, and Jem are well crafted, and I enjoyed their flaws as much as their strengths. I was a bit disappointed that the intrigue was a little predictable and that we didn’t learn more of the briefly touched upon Silvis Pack and history of Caitlin, but overall I think this is my favorite so far in the series. L. Shannon has left this story open for a sequel and I, for one, can’t wait to see how this story continues."  Bitten by Books,

Chances 3: Another Chance (the Gingersnap series)
December 2008 ~ Changeling Press

"ANOTHER CHANCE gives readers an added opportunity to revisit Josh and his demon Chance. L. Shannon has devised these characters so that they’re constantly evolving and readers feel emotionally invested in their lives. Chance’s devotion to Josh is very sweet and hot! It’s obvious he loves him and wants to do whatever will make his lover happy. I really felt great empathy for Brandon. He cares for Josh a great deal and his disappointment at learning that Josh hadn’t rented the cabin for a rendezvous with him was heartbreaking. I’m now anxiously awaiting further books in this series and after checking Ms. Shannon’s website, I see that there will be more CHANCE books in the near future."
Chrissy, Romance Junkies, 4.5 Blue Ribbons

"L. Shannon brings the lives of Chance and Josh alive in her short story . Drawing her readers in and making them feel for Josh and the fight he has to get Chance back into his life and heart. As well as throwing a few problems in the mix. Very well written and I hope she does another book with these characters." Stacy Link, ParaNormalRomance

"In this short, short, L Shannon shares with her readers a relationship between two men, well, one man and one demon that will sizzle the pages and make you smile. The reader gets caught up in the relationship between these two unlikely lovers and they come alive before your eyes. She very masterfully draws the reader into the story and holds her there. This is a real short read and I hope I didn’t give too much away in the synopsis, but if you really enjoy a hot, captivating gay romance you have to pick this up. You won’t regret it but will be off to her website to check out all her other books. L Shannon has long been a favourite author of mine who always delivers a good read and has me always asking when the next book will be out!"
Valerie, Love Romanes & More,  4 Hearts

"I give this book 4 tombstones. The story was sweet and somewhat heartbreaking at the same time. Chance sounds like a sexy and exciting lover, but I felt sympathy for Brandon as well. Josh is soft-hearted, but I was still a little surprised at Josh’s doubt in his decision and the way the story ended, but I hope that Ms. Shannon will go back and revisit her characters someday. I would love to read what happens to Josh, Chance and Brandon. If you enjoy M/m action and are looking for something quick and spicy, then pick up Another Chance in the Gingersnaps series. Ms. Shannon’s contribution to the series is stimulating."  Bitten by Books,

Acacia II: Blindsided
read an excerpt ~ 9/12/08 ~ buy the ebook ~ Changeling Press

"The brutality of the first erotic encounter in this story is only offset by Dash’s willingness, and I think fans of M/M and BDSM will enjoy this story’s eroticism. As this story progresses, we get more of a fill in on Acacia and Acacia’s vampire/slave culture that I found greatly intriguing and hope to see more of soon. There is also the introduction of Caitlin and the werewolves, which could prove to be quite interesting. Though Abducting Aeron leads into this story, it isn‘t a necessity read before reading this installment; however, I would still suggest reading the brief history found here http://www.lshannon.net/Acacia.html prior to starting this." 
Sarai, Bitten by Books, 4 Tombstones

"Blindsided was a fabulous, well-written and exciting story.  From the moment it begins it is both action-packed an emotional. I appreciated this story more for the fact that it wasn’t just about sex. There was a significant plot, well-rounded secondary characters and more than enough suspense to keep me turning pages almost faster than I could read!"
Poppy, Whipped Cream, The Long and the Short of it Reviews, 4.5 Cherries!

(SVC) The Vampire Oracle: Love
read an excerpt ~  8/01/08 ~ buy the ebook  ~ Cobblestone Press

Chances 2: A Second Chance  (the Heat Stroke series)
read an excerpt ~ 7/22/08 ~ buy the ebook ~ Changeling Press

"I was intrigued with Chance and Josh’s relationship after reading SNOWBALL’S CHANCE so I was thrilled when I learned that their story continues with SECOND CHANCE.  Face it, we expect demons to be cold emotionless creatures so Chance’s feelings for Josh make him seem more personable.  Josh and Chance’s relationship is shocking and the sex is beyond hot – in more ways than one.  L. Shannon has certainly written a compelling story with a unique couple that readers will want to remember.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of this couple in future storylines."
Chritssy Dionne - Romance Junkies - 4.5 Blue Ribbons

"This tale was more of a continuation on Josh and Chance’s love affair.  I can truly say that I will be going back to read this couple’s introductory story.  If it is as good as this one then I know that I am in for another spectacular story.   I am glad that I took a ‘chance’ on A SECOND CHANCE and I eagerly looking forward to Ms. Shannon’s future tales starring Josh and Chance."
Nikita Steele - Wild on Books - 4 Bookmarks!

Anom'tan: Walking Death's Edge
read an excerpt ~ 5/30/08 ~ buy the ebook ~ Cobblestone Press

"Walking Death’s Edge is absolutely fabulous! All the mysteries and questions shall be answered in this final book. All characters are joined in this book with ménage a trios and a sex magic ritual. It’s wonderful to see demons have their own happy ending."
Thanks Rachel! Bitten by Books, 5/5 TOMBSTONES!

"WALKING DEATH’S EDGE concludes L. Shannon’s ANOM’TAN series and I can guarantee you won’t want to miss this one. While the primary focus is on the budding relationship between Bryce and Maya all of the Anom’tan crew help to make this storyline a rousing success. From the very first installment in this series I’ve been enthralled with these characters and just how real Ms. Shannon’s storylines feel. Her talent for this genre is very apparent especially in the ‘nightmare’ scene. I absolutely loved this series and I’m sure the characters will live on in my memory for some time to come."
Chrissy, Romance Junkies, FIVE BLUE RIBBONS!

"An urban adventure with plenty of action, as well as more than a few deliciously hot bouts of sex, this may not be a standalone read (the first three books of the series found at Cobblestone Press are must reads for proper understanding of the plotline) but it is a fantastic one. I highly advise purchasing WALKING DEATH’S EDGE, and the other Anom’tan books if you don’t have them yet, at your earliest opportunity."  Thanks Lori Ann,  RRTErotic

"I have a feeling this may be the last book in this series. I hope not because these books have been a wonderful read. In this story L Shannon gives Bryck his perfect mate. This story is dark, gritty, cleverly plotted and fast moving. As I was reading, I was thinking, this is just as good as JR Ward’s vampire series. I was caught up with the characters, the adventure and the sex scenes too. The sex is hot, with lots of different kinds, m/m, menagé, voyeurism, but it’s all very tastefully done and is a pivotal part of the plot. L Shannon has written a well-rounded story that I can only highly recommend. This is an author that consistently writes excellent, high caliber stories and I always look forward to her next one. "  Thanks Val! You are awesome!  Love Romances & More  FIVE HEARTS!

Acacia 1: Abducting Aeron
read an excerpt ~ 4/18/08 ~ buy the ebook ~ Changeling Press

"Aeron and Helia’s connection is definitely believable, and both characters are pretty well developed.  Because of the short story length, though, the author doesn’t have a lot of time to fully develop scenes or conflicts.  Any bumps that Aeron and Helia experience resolve quickly, and I never really doubted that they’d end up safe and together. 
The world building is solid here, though it takes a little while to get settled at the beginning.  By the second chapter, though, we’re fully engaged in the world of Rahla.   Fans of paranormal/fantasy will find a good, quick erotic read in “Aeron’s Abduction.”"
Dandelion,  Whipped Cream Reviews,  4 cherries!

Chances 1: A Snowball's Chance (the Snowbound series)
read an excerpt ~ 3/3/08 ~ buy the  ebook ~ Changeling Press

"A Snowball’s Chance is a quick, hot and sexy tale of demon and human erotic lust.  Chance, a hot and sexy death demon offers Josh the chance to survive his frozen grave if he can satisfy him multiple times. The satisfaction goes both ways, and if Josh reaches his goal he gets to live too.  A Snowball’s Chance is quite imaginative and in my opinion a win-win situation."  Thanks Ley - Joyfully Reviewed

"Quick, hard and fiery... Josh Franklin is about to die. He’s trapped in a cave with ice and snow as his only companions. Enter Chance, a hunky, horny fire demon with an offer that is literally a case of life or death. The men are a pleasing match and the vivid, rough sexual play between them is electrifying. The sex is a battle, a challenge that pits both men against each other as Josh fights for his life against a man that probably sculpted the definition of hot!"
Thanks Narcissus - Whipped Cream, The Long and the Short of it Reviews   3.5 cherries

"Snowbound: A Snowball’s Chance is a short but entertainingly fun read that will have readers rooting for Josh to win."   Thanks Ruby Minx, Literary Nymphs,   3.5 nymphs

"Chance is a fascinating character and not at all what I’d expect from a demon.  He’s actually likeable.  What I particularly enjoyed about this story was the idea that we get a second chance before entering heaven or hell for all eternity.  Josh and Chance are certainly not your typical characters but there’s a unique sort of chemistry between them that had me rooting for them – after all, can there possibly be any losers when everyone gets exactly what they desire?"
Chrissy Dionne - Romance Junkies  4 blue ribbons

"Snowbound: A Snowball’s Chance is raw sexuality. To put it simply, this short was meant to be erotic and it definitely got the job done."  Lyda, Bitten by Books, 4 Tombstones

Anom'tan 3: Walking at Sundown
2/22/08 ~ Cobblestone Press

"Another cliffhanger is waiting at the end of this story. Even though this is the third book in the series, it has all the same bloodthirsty, intense, wild sex as the first two books. In  Walking At Sundown, L. Shannon introduces us to the world of BDSM. Her books never ceases to amaze me as they are all unique in their own way with different sexual approaches." Thanks Rachel! Bitten by Books, 5/5 TOMBSTONES!

"In WALKING AT SUNDOWN Mayce and Spyce are hardened synn demons but Dante brings out a gentleness and protectiveness in them that they previously only showed towards their comrades. Dante has had a rough life and suffers many regrets, the one thing he seems to desire is to be loved and accepted for who he is and Mayce and Spyce provide that need perfectly. I’ve developed a fondness for the Anom’tan demons and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about how the demons deal with those they come in contact with as well as how they respond to each other. "
Chrissy, Romance Junkies, 4.5 Blue Ribbons

"This reviewer must say, L Shannon’s work just gets better and better.  In this hot little story, she’s combined paranormal elements with some really hot sex, including BDSM and men on men.  But, this is in no way pornographic, but two people who realize that adding a third will be the best thing for them and they are concerned with his happiness, his care and his well-being.  This is a very emotional story and the reader will surely feel for Dante.  This reviewer enjoyed it very much and prefers a darker tale that deals with the very psyche of the characters.  Fans of the paranormal that like graphic sex with their story will love this one.  And if you haven’t, get the whole series, it rocks!"
Thanks Valerie,  Love Romances and More, FIVE HEARTS

"Don’t miss this sexy story of two dominants who’ve found the missing piece in their lives, the submissive they’ll treasure forever."  Lori Ann,  RRTErotic

Origins: My Immortal
12/14/07 ~ Cobblestone Press

"L Shannon gives her readers a plot that keeps them guessing and with some nice, surprising twists at the end.  And, L Shannon gives her readers hot, emotional, sensuous sex scenes that really are the cherry on the cake!  This author has a real gift in writing stories that are not only entertaining, but exciting and captivating."
Thanks Valerie - Love Romances & More
5 hearts!

"What you find in a bar setting is far from what happens between Logan and Sherry. They both are seeing memories of past that binds them together for an eternal love that knows no bounds. When Logan’s brother Owen shows up and crashes their evening together, they take off on his Harley bike into the blinding snow. The climatic ending will leave you wanting more of this story and a different ending."
Thanks Goddess Minx - Literary Nymphs
4 nymphs

"Sherry and Logan are a sweet couple, but the beginning of My Immortal is a bit slow going. I was unsure of the reasons for their responses until the end, then it all made sense. My Immortal is good at first, but its conclusion makes it even better."
Thanks Nannette - Joyfully Reviewed

"Overall, Origins: My Immortal was entertaining and easy to read.  I would partake of other works by Ms. Shannon in the future."
Thanks Suni Farrar - JERR
rating 3/4

Origins: A Spirit United
11/02/07 ~ Cobblestone Press

"Oh this is a fabulous story that took hold of this reviewer, drew her into an adventure, held her and didn’t let go until the last word was read.  Ms. Shannon writes characters the reader can care for, a plot that twists and turns and captivating love scenes that sizzle and pop.  In this story, Vulf is mostly more wolf than man and Morna is a creature of the Gods.  They are a most unlikely couple, but love prevails.  Secondary characters give the story depth and at times a little humor.  This reviewer really liked Morna’s winged horse, Swift.  Ms. Shannon gives her readers value for money and a story that will stay with the reader.  Her stories are definitely keeper-shelf material  Ms. Shannon has a number of shapeshifter stories that this reviewer urges every die-hard fan to pick up, sit back and enjoy."  
Thank you Valerie - Love Romances and More

"Origins:  A Spirit United continues L. Shannon’s history of her various series within The Valafrn.  Although it has a romance, the focus is to learn more of what created them.  This book follows Vali’s Curse, but stands alone.  However, having read Vali’s Curse, and now A Spirit United, I feel that there needs to be closure in a following book.  I enjoy this series and learning the background to L Shannon’s world."
Katherine - Joyfully Reviewed

"I enjoy stories of the Norse gods. They are interceded with strife and heartache, and the ending is always unsure as the Norse gods are such perverse beings! It is a joy to read about! The descriptions of scenery is excellently portrayed and brought to vivid fantastical life on the pages and in the mind. "
Thanks Coale - My Book Cravings
4 flowers

Anom'tan 2: Walking in Memories
9/21/07 ~ Cobblestone Press

"Walking In Memories is a continuation from the first book Walking with Synn. As it is closely related to the first book, it is recommended to read all the books in the series in order. This book is not for the faint heart as it contains menage a trois, biting, sucking, and lots and lots of wild sex - in the shower, in an alley and even in the bedroom.  L. Shannon left me breathless and wanting more. Walking In Memories is as good as the first book, and I surely can’t wait to read the sequels." Thanks Rachel! Bitten by Books, 5/5 TOMBSTONES!

"The characters are really well written, and a word of caution.  There is a very hot, shower scene so before reading, be prepared.  Ms. Shannon has built a very unique world with some very interesting, deep characters.  "  Thanks Valerie - Love Romances and More  FIVE HEARTS!  STAFF PICK!

"Ms. Shannon has done it again.  She writes in a great rhythm one that draws you into the story and you become a part of it. "  Thanks Robin - My Book Cravings  FIVE FLOWERS!

"Their attraction to Clarice is immediate and endearing as they contemplate a future with her. "
Thanks Lisa - The Romance Studio  4 hearts!

"The best erotic shower scene known to man has been unveiled in L. Shannon's latest novel, Walking in Memories. Good storyline and characterization is a plus as well in this new paranormal tale."
Thanks Aya29 - Euro-Reviews  4 stars!

"The sex is hot and the story is great, as long as you don’t miss an episode. "
Thanks Karen - JERR  rating 4!

"Rayce and Chayse won me over with their determination to do their job and get the information they needed but not at the cost of Clarice’s sanity. There’s something infinitely sweet about the duo that doesn’t detract from their demonic nature. I absolutely love how these characters interact and admire how the author makes their relationship feel somehow ‘normal.’ I never imagined that I’d enjoy this sort of paranormal story so much but this is definitely one genre I won’t overlook in the future."
Thanks Chrissy, Romance Junkies, 4.5 Blue Ribbons

Forever Eden
8/18/07 ~ Cobblestone Press

"Ms. Shannon has proved herself to be damn good.  Her writing has that magical touch that pulls you in with the first sentence.  There are a large number of authors she competes with, but let me just say she is a winner and part of a few chosen authors who have that ability to take me on mini adventures and such.  She has become an automatic pick with just her name to the title.  All I can say is Ms. Shannon you rock baby!!"  Thanks Robin - My Book Craving  FIVE FLOWERS!

"This is a lovely short read, just right for a lazy afternoon and there is lots of action to keep the reader reading.  If you haven’t read a book by L Shannon, this reviewer urges you, compels you to go get one right way...you’ll want them all!" Thanks Valerie - Love Romances and More   FIVE HEARTS!

"FOREVER EDEN is a small book that packs a lot of punch and I was delighted when I went to L. Shannon’s website and discovered several series about shapeshifters that I could sink my teeth into."
Thank You Sarah - Mystic Books   4.5 moons!

"Forever Eden is a thrilling, fast-paced sci-fi adventure by an author that I hope to be reading a lot more of in the future. Immediately, I was pulled into this roller coaster ride of a story which has a frenetic pace that never lets up."   Thanks Misa - Two Lips Reviews    4 kisses!

"Forever Eden is a Science Fiction foray into the world of L. Shannon’s Valafrn werewolves.  The story was fascinating, enjoyable, and I really liked Evelyn’s “partner”."  
Thanks Katherine - Joyfully Reviewed

Anom'tan 1: Walking with Synn
July 20, 2007 ~ Cobblestone Press

"Wow!! This book will leave you breathless and make you hunger for more of her work. L. Shannon has a way that makes you stick your nose in the book and read it straight till the end. It is definitely a recommended read."  Thanks Rachel!  Bitten by Books, 5/5 Tombstones!

"In this hot, short story, L. Shannon gives her readers a fantastic, exciting tale that sizzles..." 
Thanks Valerie - Love Romances and More   FIVE HEARTS!

"Hot and steamy don’t even begin to describe this book, adding to the incredible sex scenes is the mystery of Flayvor’s kidnapping and characters who are highly unusual making this an unbeatable read. Don’t miss WALKING WITH SYNN. The next story in the series, WALKING IN MEMORIES, looks to be just as intriguing."   Thanks Lori Ann - RRTErotic   Multiple O's! 

"This book has me wanting to read the rest of the series. This was just a small taste of the demons that L. Shannon has brought to life and it is simply amazing. It is cuts right to the chase, no shortcuts allowed. I would be willing to say that the rest of this series is just as fascinating. I cannot wait to get my hands on the others."   Thanks Liadan - Coffee Time Romance   4 cups!

"I can’t wait to read the next installment as I’m certain Flayvor will need lots of sexual healing too, once he is found. Yummy!"   Thanks Karen - JERR   4 stars. 

"With so many paranormal books available for us today, this author has taken the genre and given it a new and exciting twist."  Thanks Lisa - The Romance Studio   4 hearts! 

"Yep. Sasha and Sayvor are a fun pair, meeting under awkward circumstances, but making the most of it and finding so much more. It's a quick read meant to tantalize and it delivers on that point and then some. A Paranormal Psychologist's got to do what a Paranormal Psychologist's got to do." 
Thanks Clover - Para Normal Romance

"When I first started reading this story I had certain expectations and I’m happy to say Ms. Shannon far exceeded them. While I know that Sayvor’s a demon there are characteristics which make him seem human and lovable. I was stunned by the emotional impact Sayvor’s plight and his obvious distress over his brother’s disappearance had on me."  Thanks Chrissy, Romance Junkies, 4.5 Blue Ribbons

Surviving Synn
May 11, 2007 ~ Cobblestone Press

"L. Shannon has written an exciting story with a very sensual, emotion-filled romance between two men.  The love scenes are very tender, romantic and sensual.  The plot will hold the reader captive, with lots of twists and turns.  L. Shannon’s characters leap off the pages and come alive.  Both Tarvyn and Captain Bailey are wonderful characters who the reader will care for.  This reviewer loved this book and would highly recommend readers get to know the fabulous stories of L. Shannon." 
Thanks Valerie - Love Romances and More

"Surviving Synn is a wonderful fantasy story about love.  Tarvyn is charming and funny and you can’t help but to like him from his very first words and Captain Bailey is endearing is his vulnerability.  Both characters will pull at your heart strings.  The eroticism between Tarvyn and Bailey is hot, and I wish that there had been more encounters between them.  Surviving Synn is a good fantasy read, great for a lazy day at the beach."
Thanks Sabella - Joyfully Reviewed

"This is a brief novel full of myth and imagination. Perfectly settled in an unusual time period, it mix well paranormal and history. Reading the blurb you can expect more sex, and instead you will find only some scenes, and not in so graphic detail. But you will be not disappointed: it is really an enjoyble tale."
Thanks Elisa - Elisa Rolle

"Wow", this book was hot, and made me want more from this series. The buildup of these men first meeting then first "hot", well how would you put it? "Hot Man Loving" was just so steamy I had to stop and jump my husband, LOL. I can't wait to read more by this author from this day forward." 
Thanks Nicole - Para Normal Romance

Tascryn Royals 2: Blood Reign
January 19, 2007 ~ Cobblestone Press

"Great characters grace this story, a dark plot haunts the pages, and a sweet, sensual romance invades the story.  A very satisfying read.  This reviewer hopes that L Shannon will give us some more stories of the Tascryn."   Thank you, Valerie - Love Romances and More   FIVE HEARTS!! 

"I found Blood Reign to be an exciting mythical story filled with adventure, sorrow, treachery, lost love and hope.  This dark and erotic tale will satisfy your burning, lustful desire all while taking you on a fascinating journey that will have you entangled in knots.  The relationship between Sadrina and Pahele was intensely passionate and a joy to watch unfurl from one scene to the next.  Although I despised Hel, the wicked villain, she turned out to a very intriguing character and added spice to the story.  While there was a bit of violence within Blood Reign, it was not unexpected since the theme revolved around demons.  Blood Reign is yet another great novel crafted by L. Shannon and I eagerly await her next thrilling installment within this series."   Thanks Nikita - Joyfully Reviewed

"L. Shannon’s Blood Reign is a captivating story from start to finish. To say that this cast of characters is interesting is to vastly understate how amazing they really were. I admired Sadrina for her courage in the face of the challenges that confronted her. Throughout the book, she really comes into her own especially when she had to stand up to the ultimate villainess, Hel. Pahele is ruler of his realm yet he exhibits traits of humility and kindness balanced with his sometimes domineering personality. Pahele and Sadrina’s passion and love thrives after Sadrina forgives Pahele for his part in her imprisonment. Their love making is ardent, tender and soul-shattering."   Thanks Misa - The Romance Studio  4 hearts 

"Shannon's very imaginative world can be enjoyed without any real understanding of it"
"The final showdown with the villain is satisfying." Susan Mobley - Romantic Times   3 stars

Eagle Clan 2: Destiny
December 8, 2006 ~ Cobblestone Press  ~ read more

Fallen Angel Reviews:  "a spell-binding book that kept me enthralled until the last word. I will be waiting for the next installment of the Eagle Clan series." Thanks Teresa!   FIVE ANGELS!!

My Book Craving: "Ms. Shannon hasn't failed me yet.  She has that rare magic that captivates me and keeps me reading so I can discover the truths and adventures along with her main characters.  This will be a recommended book from me.  She held me spellbound while I discovered everything." FIVE FLOWERS!  Thanks Robin!

In the Library Reviews: "This world that L. Shannon has brought to life is one that I'd love to live in…who could turn down a sexy werewolf or a gorgeous demon?" EIGHT GARGOYLES Thanks Summer!

Romance Reviews Today:  "While DESTINY contains a romance theme, it is also about the gathering of forces both good and evil for a future confrontation. Great characterizations and a twisted plot make this gripping story a must read." Thanks Robin Lee!!

Joyfully Reviewed: "Destiny is yet another exciting chapter into the world L. Shannon has created.  There is so much going on and so many intriguing characters – Dan trying to find the truth of his heritage, a thieving gypsy with secrets of her own, the demon Grant seems more of a player than a demonic being, Destiny and Angel trying to survive on their own, and much more. "  Thanks Katherine!

ParaNormalRomance:  "This second installment in the Eagle clan series has a richly developed cast of characters, both secondary and the Hero and Heroine. I enjoyed learning more about this world that L. Shannon has created. Rath and Destiny had a sweet story that the author told very well, she also leaves you wanting more. I will definitely be watching for the other installments in this world of the Eagle Clan. If you are looking for a story of sweet love, of good triumphing over evil, this book is a good choice."  Thanks Christina!

Origins: Vali's Curse
November 10, 2006 ~ Cobblestone Press

Love Romances and More: "L Shannon has written a powerful story, full of emotion and feeling that thrilled this reader to the bottom of her toes.  Vali is a tortured hero and L Shannon has written this character so that the reader cannot help but fall in love with him.  Deltinica is a strong woman, a mult-dimensional character that L Shannon has filled with emotions.  The plot is engaging, well paced and will keep the reader turning the cyber pages.  The love scenes are sensuous, romantic and hot! " 
5 HEARTS!  Thanks Valerie!

Two Lips Reviews: "T L. Shannon has written a story that will cause your emotions to run the gamut and believe in true and completely unselfish love.  Vali’s Curse is a bittersweet and emotion-filled story that will leave you thinking about it long after it’s over."
4.5 LIPS!  Thanks Kerin!

RRTErotic:  "VALI'S CURSE is a new telling of a very old tale.  L. Shannon's spin is crafted with care, the descriptions are vivid and the narrative flows well.  I am putting it on my keeper shelf."  Thanks  Maggie! Rating: multiple O's!

Fallen Angel Reviews: "The love scenes are a compilation of all their feelings for one another and were very beautiful to behold. The belief that love can conquer all if one is willing to put everything they have on the line is shown through the actions of Vali and Deltinica. Thanks go to Ms. Shannon for an enjoyable read. "   4 ANGELS! Thanks Teresa!

Mystique Books:  "VALI'S CURSE is a lovely story of the healing properties of love. Vali is a very tortured, lonely hero, and Deltinica is very understanding, supportive heroine--just what Vali needs after so long in the wilderness." 3.5 MOONS. Thanks Marlene!

Season of Blood
October 31, 2006 ~ Cobblestone Press

Love Romances and More: "L Shannon has written an intense, powerful story that will grab the reader’s attention and hold her totally captive. "  FIVE HEARTS!  Thanks Valerie!

My Book Cravings: "Ms. Shannon wrote an interesting story.  It was well written and fluidly paced.  It was interesting to find out if Boryn and Catrina would get together.  It was different than others in the same category as this.  I liked this approach." 4 flowers! Thanks Robin!

Mystique Books: "SEASON OF BLOOD is an erotic, paranormal romance, which takes a unique view of the vampire myth and contains interesting characters. (...)The sex is hot and intense. This couple really steams up the pages. "  4 moons!   Thanks Marlene!

Ecataromance: "Boryn and Catrina made a fascinating couple with their very different backgrounds, and their story was entertaining throughout the entire book. " 4 STARS Thanks Amelia!

Literary Nymphs: "Seasons of Blood is a combination of both paranormal and romance in nearly equal parts. Boryn and Catrina are bound by an instant blaze of attraction and their story quickly plays out. Ms. Shannon delivers an action packed read with passionate and fascinating characters. "
4 nymphs! Thanks Water Nymph!

Fallen Angel Reviews:  "Season of Blood was one scorching hot story that will have you on fire with great desire. Here you will find two equally strong and very passionate people. " 4 Angels! Thanks Contessa!!

Joyfully Reviewed: "When they (Kitty and Boryn) get together, the results are explosive."  Thanks Maura!

Lynx Clan: Forgiven
September 15, 2006 ~ Cobblestone Press

Fallen Angel Reviews:  "Lynx Clan: Forgiven is an involved, satisfying read which will have readers looking for other stories in this series.  " FIVE ANGELS! Thanks Amanda!!

Love Romances and More: "L. Shannon has written a dark story of love and deception with a myriad of interesting and exciting characters. "  FIVE HEARTS!   Thanks Valerie!

The Romance Studio: "This story kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what would happen next. "  4.5 hearts!  Thanks Julia!

Romance Junkies:   "L. Shannon pens a cutting-edge, powerful read that is truly spellbinding. The plot is well-crafted with some intense terrifying moments and the passionate encounters between Kelly and Saxxon are sure to leave you breathless with desire."  4 Blue Ribbons!  Thanks Contessa!!

Love Romances and More: "Cobblestone Press has found a diamond in the rough with talented suspense author L. Shannon. (...)This book is all paranormal suspense fans could hope for in a book.  It is fast paced, incredibly suspenseful, filled with political intrigue, evil scientists, paranormal good guys, psychics and an incredibly hot romance to boot."  4.5  hearts! Thanks Tammy!

Two Lips Reviews: "My heart was racing not knowing what was going to happen from one minute to the next.  While reading about the pain and suffering was difficult at times, Forgiven is exciting with a detailed storyline and deep character development."  4 lips.  Thanks Kerin!

Coffee Time Romance:   "The good guys are shape shifters, vampires, and demons; while the bad guys are Nazi ex-patriots heading up a group of assassins. " Thank you Lainey. 3 cups.

Eagle Clan 1: Father of the Wolf
Eagle Clan book one ~ read more ~ 6/30/06 ~ buy the EBOOK or PRINT
Father of the Wolf won third place in the LERA Rebecca contest!
2006 Ecataromance Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee!
#3 Best Seller at Fictionwise!
June 30, 2006 ~ Cobblestone Press

Scribes World: "L Shannon has crafted a tight story that entices the reader to flip pages and figure out what is coming next. For those who like shape shifter/werewolf stories with intrigue and romance, FATHER OF THE WOLF is a perfect read." FIVE STARS! Thanks Karen!

Kwips and Kritiques: "This writer has an individual and often humorous voice. For instance, after the Hope sees (and survives an attack by) her first werewolves, and is wondering whether she’ll turn into a werewolf, but also debating whether to call a psychiatrist in case she’s nuts, she asks herself: “But should she call now, or wait for Granny to catch her with a chew toy?” *L* The paranormal world the author draws is well-defined and easily draws the reader into it. Once there, we find it peopled with strong characters, solid plot and good dialogue. The love story between the two principles is both sexy and affectionate, with several of the other characters being set up to follow in with stories of their own. The few editing flaws scarcely detract from the story’s flow, and I look forward to reading the author’s future offerings."  4.5 clovers! THANKS LEE!!

Romance Junkies:  "I laughed at their times of joy and cried during their periods of suffering.  But I was utterly engrossed and completely charmed by their love for each other and the loyalty and honor that each held dear.  I highly recommend FATHER OF THE WOLF for those who like to have all of their emotions engaged when reading a great story.  And a great story it is!" 4.5 ribbons~ Thanks Jolie!

Love Romances and More: "L. Shannon  has written an exciting story full of adventure, betrayal, love and hope.  Her multi-dimensional characters abound, from the hero and heroine to various secondary characters.  Ms. Shannon has crafted a tale that is thrilling and chilling.  She draws her reader into a world where dark secrets lurk in the shadows and not everyone is whom they seem to be.  Ms Shannon weaves a magical story that will enchant the reader in its depth and clarity.  This reviewer was enthralled and hopes that Ms Shannon will soon have more of this series available.  Shifter fans will enjoy this story and will shout for more! " 4 hearts! Thanks Valerie!

Fallen Angel Reviews:  "I greatly enjoyed reading this book. I will be looking forward to reading the second book to of the Eagle Clan Series. "  4 ANGELS!  Thanks Teresa!

Joyfully Reviewed:  "L. Shannon is a master at creating a mythical world and making it seem realistic; I almost expected to turn a corner and find my own shifter waiting for me. Father of the Wolf is an incredible story, and Athair and Hope fit each other perfectly." Thanks Shannon!

Romance Review Today:  "If you love paranormal stories, you have to read FATHER OF THE WOLF. Be prepared to spend hours in a place where shape shifters not only seem natural, but desirable. You will enjoy every minute of the trip."   Thank you  Robin Lee!

http://pnr.thebestreviews.com/  "Ms. Shannon brings the world of magic and Shape-shifters to life with her wonderful imaginative and descriptive writing. With each suspenseful sentence, along with passionate scenes, you find yourself more and more enthralled with The Eagle Clan as well as the secrets that come out in the telling. I would recommend Father of the Wolf to anyone who loves romance with a shape-shifting twist. Be forewarned though; once you finish this first story of The Eagle Clan, you will find yourself determined to find the other parts of this awesome series."  Thanks Debbie!

ParaNormalRomance: " This book was a wild ride. I didn't put it down; I just had to know what happened to Hope and Athair. The story was well written, and kept me guessing to the end, and the plot twist were great. The author made you care about the characters, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment in the Eagle clans. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves werewolves or shifters."  Thanks Christina!

Road to Romance:  "If you like werewolf tales, Father of the Wolf is an appealing tale that has plenty of action and is definitely one that you shouldn’t miss." Thanks Julie!

The Romance Studio: "Eagle Clan Series: Father of the Wolf by L. Shannon is a very sensual paranormal romance and action-packed adventure. (...) Here action comes with fangs and claws as well as the gun and knife. The scenes are described clearly as to enhance the imagination and bring the action to life. Highly creative, Father of the Wolf by L. Shannon is a thrilling action-packed paranormal adventure as well as a fast paced sensual romance. " 4.5 hearts!  Thanks Anita

Lost Soul of the Wolf
June 30, 2006 ~  Chippewa Publishing

http://www.fmam.biz/reviews/speakman/sep06.shtml  "Tryggvarin is one of those characters that bring a melancholy longing to your heart. He's spellbinding. L. Shannon's writing of this character is nothing short of brilliant. "  Thanks Christine!

Coffee Time Romance:   "L. Shannon has written a heart tugging tale of the power of friendship. Alice offers her unflinching faith in Tryggvarin, despite his true nature, while he offers her a soft place to fall when life turns hard. I was immediately drawn into the story and thought it sweet. The sadness displayed by Tryggvarin will touch the heart of many a reader. The touching conclusion left me wanting more." Thank you Kathy! 4 cups!

The Romance Studio: "The Lost Soul of the Wolf by L. Shannon is an emotionally stirring story about friendship. There is a deep sense of sadness that is felt through the character of Tryggvarin. He has lost his mate to death and his son is lost with the rest of his clan. Many would be bitter or resentful but Trygg is more lost than anything else and he is seeking answers to questions. When he meets Alice he does her and her family a kindness and through the years he remains friends with the little girl he found in the woods. He is there whenever anything important happens in her life. In a way he becomes her guardian angel being there when she needs him most. I believe he finds purpose in life by being there for her and in a way becomes part of a family again. The Lost Soul of the Wolf is an emotionally stirring paranormal story about a friendship that last through many years. Reading of Eagle Clan Series: Father of the Wolf is recommended before reading this story for better understanding but is not necessary. " 3.5  hearts.  Thanks Anita!

Tascryn Royals 1: Of Blood and Blessings
June 2, 2006 ~ Changeling Press
Love Romances and More:  "L Shannon has written a vampire tale that is refreshing and different, dark and entertaining.  She gives her readers wonderful characters that leap from the pages.  Grant is a very enigmatic hero who the reader will immediately feel drawn to, and Amelia is sympathetic and easy to grow fond of.  L Shannon has written a story that has a dark side to it, but she has also added a dash of humor so that this reviewer chuckled a few times.  The plot is easy to follow and capturing enough to keep the reader turning the cyber pages.  The love scenes are hot, sensual and totally romantic.  Secondary characters add life and do not pull from the hero and heroine.  There is lots of emotion in this tale that will keep the reader sitting on the edge of her chair.  This reviewer loved this story and can highly recommend it."  FIVE HEARTS!  Thanks Valerie!

JERR: "Grant has a sexual presence that kept my toes curled throughout the story. I wanted him to meet me in my dreams. "
4 stars! Thanks Morgan!

The Romance Studio:  "I had a lot of fun reading this book; it captured my attention from the first page. Of Blood and Blessings is an entertaining book that is definitely one I will put on my keeper shelf."  Overall rating: 4 hearts!   Sensuality rating: Explicit  Thanks  Julia!

Joyfully Reviewed:  "I found myself deeply interested in L. Shannon’s world.  This is a world that is so built up with character, that every page brings with it a new myth, a new discovery. " Thanks Shannon! (different Shannon- honest)

http://sensual.ecataromance.com/       "The characters were unique and left me sympathising with their problems and emotions."   3.5 stars~  Thanks Kimberley!

Misplaced Fate
May 2006 ~ Lulu.com

Romance Junkies: "It is nothing like you imagine it to be, the ending is powerful and definitely  worth reading."  Thanks Red!  4 blue ribbons!

Love Romances & More:  "Although this story is quite short, L. Shannon draws her reader into a dark world of vampires and demons, passion and sex, lust and love.  She writes multi-dimensional characters that leap off the pages.  Killian is the perfect tortured hero who must now face the consequences for the mistake he made.  He is a vampire of the darker sort who craves to kill and gives in to his blood lust.  Angel is a strong character who knows that fate must have her way, no matter what the outcome.  Her heart bleeds for Killian and the reader learns a lot about her from her introspection.  The reader will certainly be hanging on the edge of her seat wondering how these two lovers will sort themselves out.  This is a dark, gritty tale with a twist at the end that will give the reader a surprise and a shiver."  4 Hearts!  Thanks Angie!