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Welcome to the L. Shannon website!

Thanks for visiting.  Here you'll find the latest news about my books, what's coming soon and what I'm currently working on. 

Wow, 2024 has a crushed schedule.  This year I'll be completing several more series including Division Eight, Anom'tan (re-release), The Eagle Clan (first 3 books), and the Amethyst Trilogy. I have a few more thing planned but 

January Update
*Between Deven and the Deep Blue Sea releases 1/25/24

Stay tuned for more news. 
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Division Eight
Zeven Ways to Kill Your Lover
Between Deven and the Deep Blue Sea
Quinn Chasing a Butterfly

"Family is more than just blood."
Zeven and Deven were forced to survive any way they could as young pups. Zeven suffered within a violent clan until he could take no more. Deven passed from one cruel owner to the next until he met a vampire named Quinn who was willing to liberate him. It was Quinn who drew them together and taught them that family could be built from love and determination.

Zeven spent ten years searching for his lost mate. Then he gets hired to kill her. If they can sort out their past, they may just have a chance for a happy future.
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