Dragonbound: The Jade Prince

When Cal gives his best friend, Jin, a thank you gift, the magical pendant appears more curse than blessing. The moment the jade pendant touches Jin’s skin, he ends up possessed by an insane dragon spirit.

Cal has loved Jin forever, but since Jin is straight, Cal accepts it as one-sided love, never to be fulfilled. Or at least that was what he thought until Jin is taken over by Jade.

Now Cal will do anything, even offer his body and accept a twisted form of his most desperate desire. But is it all to keep the jade dragon from using Jin's body to rampage through the city or the chance to satisfy his darker desires? 

October 2022 - PK Ink on Amazon - read more or buy it here

The Wysh

Lin struggles to raise his kid brother on a writer's fluctuating income and once more is over whelmed with unpaid bills. Just when he thinks he's out of options, that is when he gets a mysterious note offering him money for a little of his time. Despite knowing the guy will probably be a stalker pervert who thinks he's the woman shown on that back of his books, he still goes to the midnight meeting. 

What he finds is a ridiculously sexy demon asking for his blood in exchange for enough cash to fix Lin's lacking finances. Lin's just not sure how much of himself he can give up for money. The decisions could change his life forever. 

October 2022 - PK Ink on Amazon - read more or buy it here

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