The Lynx Clan
Three young werewolves, captured, tortured and brainwashed are forced to become the killing tools for a racist group left over from World War Two. Finally the youngest is given an opportunity to escape that might save their broken clan and lead to freedom for all three. The Lynx clan is only three strong but their story is filled with action, suspense and passion. 

Saxxon - After decades of submission to his owner's whims, Saxxon finds himself free of their drugs and punishments. 
Dain - Unable to face his continued existence as an assassin, Dain makes a last bid for freedom. He accepts that if this escape fails, his only remaining option is death.  The question remains, who will be the lucky one to pull the trigger?
Cas - He is the eldest of his clan and responsible for their survival. Caspian's success at finding a way to survive has had horrible repercussions for him and his brothers. Basically, he sold them into slavery and lost his soul to the Nazi scientists who now own them.

Lynx Clan 1: Forgiven
October 22, 2022 - PK Ink on Amazon - Buy it here.

Kelly Greene has spent her adult life using her psychic abilities to protect the weak and defenseless, but this time she rescues a brainwashed, amnesiac, werewolf assassin. Can Kelly trust him to be the good man that her heart desires and her body craves, or will putting her faith in him risk all that she holds dear? Saxxon exists in a world of hate, but he dreams of another life, where he can be free of the cruel men, who use his magical powers to commit atrocities against humanity. A generous woman offers him the chance to make his dreams reality, if only he’s strong enough to overcome fear, addiction, and an enemy that will stop at nothing to reclaim their favorite assassin. How can he ask for love and acceptance, when he has been the tool for evil for so long? Will Kelly’s love prove to be a source of strength, or his most devastating weakness?

Fallen Angel Reviews:  "Lynx Clan: Forgiven is an involved, satisfying read" 5 ANGELS!  
Love Romances and More:  "Oh, this reviewer had to give this book a resounding 5... just couldn’t stop reading until the end!!! "  FIVE HEARTS! 
Romance Review Today:  "FORGIVEN is an exciting, fast paced read you will love."
Romance Junkies:   "I found LYNX CLAN: FORGIVEN to be a sharp, suspenseful, intriguing read."  
Love Romances and More:  "Cobblestone Press has found a diamond in the rough with talented suspense author L. Shannon. "  

Lynx Clan 2: Forgotten
January 25, 2023 - PK Ink on Amazon - buy it here.

Fill today with love. 
Because tomorrow may never come.

After escaping the Institute’s abuse, Dain’s desperate flight drives him to take wolf form and leave behind everything human. Pushed to his limits, he meets Isabel Russell, who is losing her battle with cancer. Rather than spend her final days in a hospital, she’s come to the woods of western Virginia looking for a place her heart can find peace. Dain and Izzy may both be running away, but together they might find a future worth fighting for.

​Reviews: Coming soon.

Lynx Clan 3: Forever
March 30, 2023 - PK Ink on Amazon - buy it here.

Caspian’s only desire is to protect his brothers even if that means the complete destruction of the group that raised them to be killers. He intends to rip apart the Institute (the Aryan Political Movement) with his own claws. All that changes when he meets Yasmine, a flower fairy on a mission to save her brother from the APM. She expects him to help her, and the pint-sized puppy tamer just won’t take no for an answer.

Reviews: coming soon.

Status of the Lynx Clan Series
The Lynx Clan is available or coming soon. Books one and two are now available on amazon and book three is in edits and should be available in early March 2023.

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