ACACIA III: Cravings
By L. Shannon
Erotic m/f/m Science fiction, Fantasy
Released: January 22, 2022 
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Editor:M. Joan Kunkle
Cover Artist:Pandora Designs


The virgin queen has a new desire... or two.

Hate crimes against vampires pose a rising threat to the moon colony of Acacia. Subversive attempts to destroy the colony are almost certainly being directed by the human purists on Rahla. Acacian agents have been murdered, and now their blood supply has been tampered with. 

Counterintelligence operations have led to the capture of two werewolf warriors, more dangerous than anything either side has ever seen before. With their worlds on the brink of war, Queen Caitlin will do anything to protect her people, even if it means bartering her body to a pair of killers. But will her submission buy their loyalty?


Queen Caitlin stood behind the inch-thick plas-glass security panel and waited for the slaves to come into the exercise room. It had been months since she’d had time to watch them on seventhday. This more relaxed side of them was a balm on her overly controlled life. The entrance opened and in came the boisterous group. There were no guards to direct them, no orders given or followed. Today they came here to play.

Several of the males headed for the floor mats and began sparring. Their glistening bodies held perfect balance between tense muscles and relaxed poise. As the sex slave class all did, they lived mostly naked. The men wore nothing but loose-fitting, nearly transparent pants and armbands which declared their owner’s house, family and status. The armbands these men and women wore were gold and studded with diamonds and Acacia’s rarest stone, the iridescent black ruby. No other vampire in all Acacia would so much as touch these slaves.

They were hers.

There were only five women among them. She looked at each and saw herself in their places. Like her, they were all tall and well formed with long black hair. Her men were more varied, but the women had each been chosen because of their resemblance to her. Their purpose was to enjoy the physical love which she could not. Through them she could experience everything without risk.

One girl caught her attention. She wasn’t with any of the others, not playing or talking or interacting. She was among them, but almost as if she was unseen. She walked across the room with purpose, moving toward a private chamber, one often used for sex.

Caitlin followed, moving into the connecting viewing chamber. This one looked directly into the bedroom. Although she had entered the chamber alone, the girl wasn’t alone now. Two men, great hulking warriors, stalked her around the bed.

The men… they were not hers. They shouldn’t be in there.

Caitlin’s feet refused to move. The scene held her entranced as she watched the men catch the girl between them. Eyes wide, the girl didn’t struggle. Too terrified? Perhaps. But their hands made short work of her thin dress, tearing it from her flesh like animals.

The girl was so much like her. She leaned against the glass. “Fight them. Get away.”

Looking her way, the girl said, “Acacia needs them.”

No, that wasn’t right. How could the girl see her? The plas-glass only worked one way.

It didn’t matter. The girl was being ravished, her body stroked and fondled roughly. The men were both so huge. Every part of them. At some point they’d removed their clothes. Each sported terrifyingly large genitals, erections so thick they would surely leave the girl bleeding.

One pulled the girl across the bed, holding her down and kissing her thoroughly. The other male dragged her legs apart and knelt between her pale thighs. His silvery gaze turned toward Caitlin, as if he, too, could see the observer. “I’d die to protect what is mine. Her world becomes mine to protect.”

The first male abandoned the girl’s lips to add his own affirmation. “As would I. Nothing will cause her harm.”

The silver-eyed one lifted the girl’s hips and drove into her body in one long stroke. All the while his gaze never left Caitlin. He made love to the girl, but every motion, caress, declaration was for Caitlin. Over and over they took the girl, using her roughly, but also bringing her to one climax after another, until she was too spent to do more than accept their bodies.

The two were without mercy. Surely they would be sated soon. How much longer could they continue?


Caitlin’s body throbbed with need. She felt their touches, enjoyed their pleasure. But release hovered just out of reach. She parted the folds of her robe, reaching down to her slick cleft. So close. Leaning against the glass she rubbed her thumb and fingers over the swollen nub of her clit. Pleasure rocked through her. Rotating her hips, she held to a controlled rhythm, forcing her body to go slow.

Inside the chamber, the second man took the girl, almost as if he were keeping to the same controlled rhythm. His cock plunged deep and withdrew over and over, in perfect time with Caitlin’s fingers.

Silver-eyes now stood at the glass, one hand resting over where she leaned. That huge hand, so close to hers… His other hand moved up and down his erection. He parted his lips, panting. His hand sped over the tip and slowed over the length. Over and over.

The waves of pleasure knifed through her and as her climax hit and stole her strength, they joined her. Both men found release with her. She sagged and would have fallen…

But the glass was gone. Both men caught her in their arms.

She should have been afraid, but she wasn’t. She felt safe. Which was ridiculous. “You can’t protect me.”

Silver-eyes tightened his arms around her. “We can if you’ll let us.”

The other one pressed his head against hers and whispered, “War is coming for you and yours. Only we can stop it. Only we can save you.”

She pushed at their heavy bodies, needing space. She didn’t need them. No. There had to be another way. Had to. Pushing… pushing…

Caitlin woke tangled in her blankets, pushing at the plush bed covering, desperate to escape the dream, the nightmare… the prescient vision.


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