Tascryn (task-rin) Demons with the purpose of transitioning souls from one life to the next
tasc (task) Sacred duty of transitioning souls
Akyrn (Ah-keer-en) Tascryn Dream Demons, use dreams to transition mortal souls
Synn (sin) Tascryn Sex Demon, use sex and seduction to easy souls into accepting death
Cyvampis (ki-vamp-is) Tascryn Blood Demons, drain away the will to live from more resistant mortals
Daelyn (day-lin) Tascryn Death Demons, when all else fails, Daelyn kill a marked tasc be them mortal or even one of the gods
Anom’tan (Ah-nom-tan) Special group of Tascryn demons who have reclaimed their souls from the Hall of Souls and are able to complete sacred tascs without being harmed by sunlight

Demons Gone Wild: Marked by Tears
February 18, 2009 - Noble Romance - part of the Child of the Week Collection
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As a rogue blood demon on the run for his life, Kry'n knows he's beyond redemption. In Jane's eyes, he finds hope for a better life. He lurks in the shadows of her homeless shelter not just for easy prey but to be near her, his only salvation. He watches her dedicate her life to saving others, but when it's her life on the line, only he can save her.

Status of the Demons Gone Wild Series
This series is planned more as a collection and will unfold as time allows. Currently there are no new books in the works, but some of the characters would love to have their stories told so I'm sure there will be more. I just don't know when...

Demons gone wild!

The Tascryn demons as a race are supremely dedicated to their holy duties. But every now and then a demon becomes lost among his brethren. He or she loses faith in their purpose. In such times they are counseled to complete their assigned tascs and not question the reasons until their faith returns. Sometimes that isn't enough. Sometimes they go rogue, fleeing from their native home in Niflheim and out into the mortal realm to live among mortals.  Some seek only to live in peace but others strike out at a world they yearn to be part of.  All of them are marked to be hunted.