Division Eight 1: Zeven Ways to Kill Your Lover
October 2023 - PK Ink - Available on Amazon 

They hired an assassin to hunt her down and silence her forever. The only problem is their hired killer likes her better. Zeven has been searching for his lost mate for ten long years. For all that time Harley has been on the run, certain that werewolves will kill her on sight. All that changes in an instant when he is given her photo and a contract to kill her in order to protect the entire werewolf race.

But there’s more to this than it first seems. Now if they can settle their past, Harley and Zeven will need to take on the employer in order to build a future together.

Reviews: coming soon

Division Eight 2: Between Deven and the Deep Blue Sea
January 2024 - PK Ink - Available on Amazon 

To Deven Ochoa, Division Eight is more than a job. It’s his family, his life and his sense of justice. He’d willingly follow his boss into the pits of hell. That’s just the kind of tight they were. But when did there need to be more than the two of them? Despite his objections, Quinn hired a sexy young tech wiz who seems more magical than the Wi-Fi. And more dangerous than their latest vampire hunt.

Tessa DeAngelo wasn’t looking for a job when she landed within the enigmatic agency. But Quinn offered her more than a paycheck. He offered her the chance to have a real family, one that didn’t pretend to not notice her strangeness. Suddenly her life is better than ever except for one little problem. She has the hots for Quinn’s other stray. More than just the attraction, Deven makes her dream of a lasting kind of love. And she’s ready to lay her claim on Deven and start making those dreams come true.

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Division Eight 3: Quinn Chasing a Butterfly
May 2024 - PK Ink - Pre-order on Amazon 

When a rampaging first-generation vampire threatens Quinn's adopted family, he'll do whatever it takes to keep them safe, even if it means fighting a man he once thought of as his brother. But confronting the danger alone becomes impossible when a powerful vampire hunter sets her sights on Quinn. Madeline is convinced that he’s the villain and she’s determined to stop him no matter the risk.

If they can overcome their misconceptions and racial divides, Quinn and Madeline might uncover the happy-ever-after future they both thought was out of reach.

Reviews: coming soon

Division Eight

Their agency wasn't just a workplace, it was their home and family. This group of strays found meaning in the bonds they formed through their agency.  Meaning and sometimes love. But first and foremost, they focus on being the good guys, stopping paranormal violence.

Quinn created the Division Eight group to do the dirty work for the government. More often than not, it's a wet team used to take out violent paranormal individuals. Any problem that includes violence between human and nonhuman people might just end in a call to his cell. This trilogy tells the story of how his team became a family and as well as a clan.

Status of the Eagle Clan Series
The Eagle Clan holds a very dear spot in my heart. The series is planned out for 12 full novels which will tell the stories for each of the members of the clan. As you can imagine this is epic in length and will take time to grow and evolve as the characters demand.  My current plan is to work toward completing and releasing a new Eagle Clan book at least every year.  Loyal fans may notice that it has been some time since the last book released. Rest assured I have the best interests of the clan in mind. I hope they will find a home and be reaching you all sometime soon.