Division Eight 

"Family is more than just blood."
Zeven and Deven were forced to survive any way they could as young pups. Zeven suffered within a violent clan until he could take no more. Deven passed from one cruel owner to the next until he met a vampire named Quinn who was willing to liberate him. It was Quinn who drew them together and taught them that family could be built from love and determination.

Please note: "Zeven" was originally released as a novella with Amber Quill Press 5/17/2009, Finalist in the Brava Novella Contest

Zeven Ways to Kill Your Lover
Now expanded to novel length with and available (soon) 
in both eBook and print on Amazon. 

They hired an assassin to hunt her down and silence her forever. The only problem is their hired killer likes her better. Zeven has been searching for his lost mate for ten long years. For all that time Harley has been on the run, certain that werewolves will kill her on sight. All that changes in an instant when he is given her photo and a contract to kill her in order to protect the entire werewolf race. 

But there’s more to this than it first seems. Now if they can settle their past, Harley and Zeven will need to take on the employer in order to build a future together.

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Between Deven and the Deep Blue Sea
(coming soon)

To Deven Ochoa, Division Eight is more than a job. It’s his family, his life and his sense of justice. He’d willingly follow his boss into the pits of hell. That’s just the kind of tight they were. But when did there need to be more than the two of them? Despite his objections, Quinn hired a sexy young tech wiz who seems more magical than Wi-Fi. And more dangerous than their latest vampire hunt.

Tessa DeAngelo wasn’t looking for a job when she landed within the enigmatic agency. But Quinn offered her more than a paycheck. He offered her the chance to have a real family, one that didn’t pretend to not notice her strangeness. Suddenly her life is better than ever except for one little problem. She has the hots for Quinn’s other stray. And she’s ready to lay her claim on Deven and start making her dreams come true.

Quinn Chasing a Butterfly
(coming soon)

Quinn was at his lowest point, feeling adrift in the world when he stumbled across a werewolf pup drowning in a hurricane. Saving and deciding to raise the boy changed his undead vampire life forever. 

Half a century later, his past comes back and threatens to destroy the family he built within the Division Eight agency. 

Status of the Division Eight Series 
 Division Eight is planned as a trilogy and is considered complete. But course, our lovely folks from D8 might just pop up in other series if they decide to visit any of the other series.